zap mosquitos and the fear of zika virus with this zapper!

We have a small creek that runs through our front yard.  While I really love it and the way it looks, I don’t like the mosquitos and other flying insects it attracts in warm weather.  Sitting outside sometimes becomes crazy.  Now with the Zika virus going around in some places, I really don’t like the mosquitoes! 

I guess that is the reason I jumped at the chance to review something called the rechargeable bug zapper.  This is a large thing that looks about like a tennis racquet. 


It doesn’t take batteries but has a foldable electric outlet made in the handle.  Pull it out and stick it in the wall when the battery is low. 

I haven’t killed any mosquitos with it so far, but I did get the chance to try it out.  I was sitting here and heard a bzzzing sound.  Finally I checked to see what it was.  It was a huge wasp in the window.  I am scared of wasps because I know they hurt.  John was napping on the couch.  I didn’t want it to get him.  I was also afraid for my furbabies that might decide it was a sky raisin aka a fly.  So scared I would miss I grabbed the bug zapper.  I had never used it.  I didn’t even push a button on it.  I just basically laid  it over the wasp.  It made a zapping sound and the wasp fell down.  I was impressed!  The wasp wasn’t.

I think these are well worth having.  Especially if you live in a area with a lot of wasps, mosquitos and flying insects that harm more then help. 

While it does cost a bit more then a fly swat, they are more effective.  This one is $25.99 on Amazon. 

I am glad I have one! 

DISCLAIMER:  The item discussed in this posting was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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