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why did I start blogging, my history with the www. - %%Shoppingwives%%

why did I start blogging, my history with the www.

Why did I start blogging?  Good Question!  (even if I did ask it myself haha)

I can remember the first time I discovered the WWW.  I bought a webtv. If you aren’t sure what that is, it is just a box that you hook up to your television and it connects to the internet through your phone line.  It has a wireless keyboard.  You can’t download anything.  You are limited to search, chat, email & messenger. 

I went into my first chatroom wondering why everybody was saying, lol, after everything.  Speaking out in the room randomly to people that probably wasn’t even talking to me to begin with.  Then freaking out if they asked me where I was from.  (because your not supposed to give your location on the internet right).

It wasn’t long until people started telling me about the abbreviations and I was LoLing right along with the best of them.  I found a bunch of epals and spent a big part of my day sendging out forwards and most of my night chatting it up.

I met some nice people and formed friendships.  Eventually a group of us started meeting in a chatroom my sister had started. 

This was in Talkcity.  My mouth never shut up.  The quiet me could be herself online.  Met a lot of good people, met a lot of not so good people.  Laughed a lot and yes cried some too.

Talkcity eventually was shut down and I found my way into MSN groups.  I joined and owned several groups there and yes met some really nice people.  I just kind of went with the flow of things.   Then MSN groups ended.

I made it to MYspace after that.  I was going through a lot of things at that point.  Met some nice people.  But started staying quiet and reserved myself more for emailing.  I was tired of putting myself out there.  Tired of trying to be a people pleaser and still not pleasing.

Then I found Facebook.  By that time I had really let’s say, calmed down.  I used it mainly to play games and post pictures.  I met several people through zynga games and then the games started consuming me.   I had no time for anything but games. 

My voice that I had found back when I started on webtv started getting stifled.  I wasn’t myself at all.  I wouldn’t post things out of fear of offending someone.  It was a 180 from who I am. 

After thinking about it I decided to start a blog.  If I had to go there and talk to myself I would do that!  I had done it before time after time.  That’s no problem.  So I started a free blog at blog spot.  I called it  “the secret life of an american blogger”.  

After I started doing several product reviews and noticing that I could give my honest opinion and in the meantime was getting several readers, I decided to buy a hosted website and that is how I made it to shopping wives

How did I come up with the name?  Secret life was too long.  I wanted it to be something easy to remember.  I do a lot of shopping, and talk about it.  Sometimes I regret adding the word wives to it.  I am afraid it will chase people away.  Single women, younger women etc.  

But yes, that is how I got here.  Now I have my own space on the web.  A place where I can give my opinions, where I don’t have to stifle myself.  Where I can come here and talk about me me me one day and how to paint your nails the next. 

I am ready to get my voice out there, even if I am the only one to hear it or read it.    



2 Responses to why did I start blogging, my history with the www.

  • Lana says:

    I am absolutely agree with you. Blog is the tool with the help of which you can promote your product and express yourself. Good luck to you!

  • “I wasn’t myself at all. I wouldn’t post things out of fear of offending someone. It was a 180 from who I am.”

    I can TOTALLY relate to this. What is it about getting older that makes it less and less attractive to SHUT UP, like so many would have you do? And worse, sometimes your biggest censor is YOU. Keep on blogging!

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