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What My Dogs have taught me about Life

What My Dogs have taught me about Life


I thought about writing a post about my cat’s.  While I have learned a lot from them, I think I have learned more useful life lessons from my dogs.  You know the old saying:  “Dog’s have owners, Cat’s have a staff”.  That is so true on so many levels!

As I type this I am dealing with empty nest syndrome when it comes to my dogs. 

When we left for Panama we had to rehome Sonia & Cleo.  Sonia went to a nice home where I received updates from her and found out she adjusted well and was happy & even more spoiled, if that was possible.  Cleo went to live with my niece so I can still visit with her, but she isn’t mine anymore.

When we moved to Panama, I wasn’t planning on having any animals.  Then I met Tarzan & his brother Azor.  We lost Azor due to illness.  Tarzan was our baby but when we decided to make the move back to Kentucky we had to make some tough decisions. 

We checked on what we needed to do to get him here with us and after finding out from the embassy all the red tape that had to been gone through, not to mention what he would have to go through, we made the tough tough decision to leave him with the neighbors.  He really was fond of the people we left him with, including their cat.  That helped me to cope with the decision that had to be made.


So here I sit without any of my canine companions that all still hold a piece of my heart, I have learned some lessons from them all. The top 3 things I have learned from my dogs?

The first thing is unconditional love.

Unconditional love is hard to find.  Unless you have a dog.  How many humans will, when having a bad day, let you ignore them, snap at them, push them away – but then come back to you and lay their head on your lap and look up at you and say “I love you anyways” with those big eyes?  After having a dog that would put up with my moods and still be faithful, I realize I need to be more courteous to people.  More forgiving.  Everybody can have a bad day and they don’t always mean to be snappy etc.  Thank you to my dogs for teaching me this lesson, by making me take a look at myself.

another thing I have learnt is to be more playful. 

Life doesn’t always have to be so serious.  It is okay to shut the laptop or throw  the broom in the corner and just throw a ball or watch a good movie.  laugh.  Enjoy life.   Take time to forget the world and it’s problems and have fun.  Thank you to my dogs for teaching me it is alright to have fun

Following my own instincts

Dogs are creatures of habit of course.  But where a human will sit around thinking about the pros and cons of what should be done, what others will think.  Dogs know what they want and go for it.  Sure, a dog can be taught tricks and rules and are trained.  But they also know how to follow their nose and “just do it”. 


I could probably write a book on everything they have taught me.  And while I have provided them with food, water and love – they have supplied me with so much more. 

I do miss having my furry friends around me and I could never replace Sonia, Cleo or Tarzan & Azor.  But I take comfort in knowing that all 3 have moved on and are now sharing the love and lessons to their new owners/friends/family.

What lessons has your dog taught you?


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