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What makes you glow? - %%Shoppingwives%%

What makes you glow?




What makes you glow?  There is so many answers to this question. 



feeling happy

Want to know what has been making me glow the last couple weeks?  You would never think of it on your own.  I don’t think you would anyways.  If you guessed before I told you, then let me know in the comments!

What has been having me literally glowing this week is something called Glow stick bracelets.  These bracelets are super fun and there is so many things you can do with them.  They really bring the kid out in me.  I know this may sound awful, but then again some of you may have done this as well.  I remember chasing fireflies/lightning bugs.  I would catch them and pull off the light and put that on a stick and swing it around.  It sounds gross but I also made polish out of the glow.  Anything to just have fun in the dark.  My evenings were consumed doing this. 

With glowsticks it is along the same thing but a lot more fun. Why?  Because there is a lot more glow! 

For around $12.95 you can get this cute patriotic can with a 100 glowsticks!


What would you do with a 100 of these?  Let your imagination run wild.  If you have Children Valentines Day is coming up.  This would be something you could put in a goodie bag for the class party or insert them right in their valentine cards.

When the snow is up to your knees and school is out kids are going to get bored.  Send them to a dark area in the house.  A room without light such as a basement or bathroom – maybe even a walk in closet (for the record I am not suggesting you lock your children in the closet on snow days).  Just anywhere that you can pas out these glowsticks.  I can guarantee these will keep a child or a spouse BUSY. 

Having a party?  These would look great streamed throughout here and there.  Be sure and send some home with your guests as they go home. 

In warm weather these are perfect to keep kids busy at night outdoors. 

I have 5 cats Smile  So far I haven’t tried attaching them to a collar but that is an idea. 

These could also be used for people that like to go on walks after dark or for people who ride bikes.  It could help a car see you out after dark.

There is just so many ideas and uses.  Who would of thought. 

These sticks stay lit for several hours at a time.  Usually 8-10 hrs full brightness and then up to 24 hours with a faint glow after 10 hours.


What are you waiting for?  Save a firefly and buy a glowstick!

disclaimer:  I received a product in exchanged for my honest opinion before writing this post.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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