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Weight Watching Online!




Disclosure:  I was given a 90 day free trial of Weight Watchers online in exchange for my honest opinion of the site and what I thought about the program in general.  I was not required to give positive review.  “People following the Weight Watchers plan can expect to lose 1-2 pounds per week.”

As I have told here before,

a few weeks back I was given the opportunity to try out Weight Watchers online.  This website makes it very easy to track what you are eating without 1.) counting calories 2.) carry around a notebook and write everything down

First you figure out, or let WW figure out, your needed points by entering in your weight and height.  Once you do this you will be given the exact amount of points you need to eat per day to lose weight.  Everything you eat or drink has these points and your goal is to not eat more or less then your target. 

Once you have the amount you are supposed to eat, how do you determine what food/drink item has what amount of points? 

Weight Watchers makes that easy too!

There is a variety of aps……

that you can use to help you keep track of your daily points, or to just find out what points a food item has in it.  My favorite is the Weight Watchers Mobile.  This is where living a normal everyday life can really be proven done while on Weight Watchers.  My husband and I love to eat out.  It is something we have always done a lot of together.  Before I would just go in and order what “I thought” might be the healthy choice.  Now I don’t have to think I know it. I can type any food item in this app and there will be  a list come up with the points.  It also has serving sizes.  etc.  You can choose from restaurants, customize your food.  Possibilities are endless.  This app is letting you put in your food as you eat it and keeping track of those power points.  You can also add any activities you are doing that day and in exchange you allowed to eat more points for that day!

Another great thing

you can do with the mobile is download the barcode scanner.  Once you have this downloaded you can scan anything in the supermarket and find out their points.  Several items does have the points listed on the label.  But this is just fun!  It really makes it easy to compare foods this way.


you have an ipad you may be interested in the Weight Watchers Kitchen Companion.  With this you can have access to thousand recipes.  This will help you to come out with a plan. 

Of course if you don’t have an iphone or the capability to download apps, you can track points online, join the online community and connect with so many people that is struggling with the same thing you may be going through.  Sometimes it just helps to have someone simply say, I understand.

How have I been doing with this program?

I love the whole concept.  I love how it makes it easier for me to still go out with my husband to our favorite places.  I love the apps.

But as with any program you use, you are going to have to have the right mindset.  I haven’t had that.  I used the point systems and then let emotions, and stress get the best of me.  I sometimes take on the attitude, who cares.  I will just eat and die and get it over with.  I know that sounds brutal, but that is me being honest.  I hate what I see when I look in the mirror or pictures.  I have all the tools here in place. 

My goal while I finish up my online subscription is to connect with people like me, or at least with the same goals.  Once I surround myself with people like that, the I know this is one system that is guaranteed.

I would recommend this program for anyone that has their head set to do it.

Thanks to Weight Watchers for letting me try their online program for free in exchange for sharing my thoughts and experiences with my readers!






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