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Wallet or Money Clip? Pros & Cons

Wallet or Money Clip? Pros & Cons

I think both men and women have their own style and needs when it comes to the wallets they carry.  I think sometimes carrying a purse gives me the go ahead to be a bit messy.  While I always carry a wallet, I tend to just toss anything in the bottom of my purse until I get home. 

While there is men purses, I think most men tend to carry wallets.  In my experience.  I know John carries one and has all a place for his money in the order he prefers and everything in it’s place.  If he is using cash at the grocery store, he will stand in line and place the change neatly in their appropriate places. 


Then there comes the money clip.  Maybe I am genderizing but I always associate money clips as something for a man.  I think there is different pros and cons for a money clip. 

Some Pros

It isn’t as bulky as a wallet.

You don’t have to carry or go through photos, business cards etc.  Your money/credit cards are right there when you reach for them.

They are more compact and most can hold up to 20 or more bills

They look sophisticated

Some Cons

Some are easier to lose

money is exposed in front of people when you pull it out

I think like everything it depends solely on the person and their preference.  I also think it depends on the money clip and the wallet.  I have seen many different shapes – sizes and colors of clips.  I guess one of the nicer ones I have seen is from Agog.  This is almost a hybrid.  Half wallet- Half money clip.


On the outside it is a leather wallet with a pull tab.  Open it up and you will find a money clip that will hold over 20 bills as well as many credit cards.  There is also 2 straps on it, so one you pull opens to your money- the other will open up the credit card area. 

The way it is made, makes it easy to conceal the wallets contents- but it is more accessible to your money and cards. 

This is a really nice clip/wallet made of leather.  It would be a nice gift for the hard to buy for man in your life – and even some women may love it.  It is well made and is sent in a nice giftable box.

It is available for purchase on Amazon for $39.99.  It is well made and I believe can last a long time.

DISCLAIMER:  The item discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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