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Using A Brush Hair Straightener

Using A Brush Hair Straightener

When it comes to hair I would have always characterized mine as straight and oily.  Once I got the bright idea to use chemicals in it, such as hair dyes and a few bad perms, it became dry and frizzy. 

I own several flat irons and they are all well and good, but I was afraid to use them on a regular basis.  I have seen what chemicals and heat can do to some ones hair and it isn’t pretty.  The regular flat irons tend to press the hair and sometimes fry it.  Over time hair becomes dry and brittle and breaks.

Then I started hearing about a brush iron.  It supposedly gave the same results as a regular flat iron, but isn’t so hard on the hair.  Of course once I heard about it, I wanted to try it out.  I guess that is why I was super excited when I finally got the chance to review one! 


This one is from Apalus and is available on Amazon.  It has a 3 in 1 function.  This means it does 3 things.  #1. Detangles hair  #2.  Straightens hair  #3 works as a head massager. 

It is a well made brush that has a nice thick cord with enough length on it to do your hair without fuss.  It is a US safety plug, Short circuit protection and leakage protection.  It also has a auto shut off that will shut off after it hasn’t been used for 60 minutes.

To use just plug it in.  Push the power button the side and select your temperature by pushing the plus and minus signs.  This iron goes up to 450 F. 


For my thicker hair I set the temperature to go on the highest 450.  If your hair is thinner or more delicate, you might want to try around 410.


After you turn  it on and adjust the settings, you wait 1 minute.  It is now ready to use.  To straighten hair just hold the ends of your hair and brush straight down.  You can clip you hair and do it in layers, if that is easier for you.  I like to put about a dime size amount of Moroccan oil in my hand, rub it through my hair and then brush through it.  It seems to make a huge difference in my hair.  Now that I have it, I don’t want to use any other one.

This would be perfect for someone not used to using hair tools, or even for teens.  I say this because it is really hard to manage burning yourself with it, with the way it is made.

While I suggest it for beginners and younger people, It will work for anyone that straightens their hair.  Using and trying is knowing.  I am glad I got to try this out!

Disclaimer:  I received this item in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.

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