Update & laughing benefits.

If you seen to find me quieter then normal it is because I haven’t been feeling the best this week.  I think about my blog, my readers.  I haven’t gave up on shopping wives,  It is just been a bad bad last few days!  As I told you a couple weeks ago I had to have a surgery to repair a previous surgery gone wrong.  Fast forward to 2 weeks later and you find me posting this blog to you all telling you that this last surgery 2 1/2 weeks ago set up an infection.  So now I am dealing with this and the antibiotics the doctor gave me makes me feel worse then the infection does.  It is not how I intended to spend the week before the official holidays started.  I don’t think anyone plans these things though do they?  Either way please bare with me if I don’t post or share every night.  Until I beat this infection I may be doing random postings.  I will however be back to my old self soon I am sure.  That’s your warning. 

Today I have no shopping tips to offer.  No new product to talk about. Just “Have a good day!”  Stay Safe and laugh as much as you can! – Until the next time – 




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