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treat your face with this ultra plumping hydration mask!

treat your face with this ultra plumping hydration mask!

Do you want to spoil yourself, well at least your face?  If you are anything like me, the day can take a toll on you and your skin.  Sometimes it feels good to pamper ourselves.  I know sometimes finding the 15-30 minutes to pamper ourselves can be next to impossible.  But if it helps us in the long run, aren’t we worth it?

One way you can spoil yourself and keep your skin healthy is by using a product called Ultra Plumping Hydration Mask.  My face is already plump haha – but now it is softer and plump.  In fact the other morning I wake up and look over at John.  He pinches my cheek and says, “ Good Morning Apple Jaws!”  I smiled because I know that was his way of being sweet and I liked the compliment!


This mask is from a company called Valentia.  It comes in a very sophisticated looking gold and white box.  Inside that box is a nice gold and white jar.  When you open the jar you are going to smell something wonderful, at least I thought it smelled wonderful.  Maybe that is from the key ingredients?  Japanese green tea, Rosehip seed oil and aloe Vera. 

When you look in the jar you may not be flattered.  It looks like a jar of fat.  Jelly looking yellowish goop.  But it smells good enough to make you want to slather it on your face! 


It says to put it on for 15- 30 minutes.  I have been doing it 30 minutes 2 times a week.  It washes off super easy and my face feels so good when it is done.  I really am enjoying this product and it is something I would continue to use.


Here is more about it from the company:

Ultra Plumping Hydration mask is a powerful 3 in 1 rejuvenation treatment that boats both rapid results and long lasting effects in erasing the signs of aging. In 30 minutes experience a totally new type of glow with our innovative formula of organic, natural ingredients which, one: flood skin cells with essential moisture, two: detox everyday cellular wear and tear, and three: increase collagen production, for totally nourished, firm, even­toned skin.

● INTENSE HYDRATION: Moisture is absolutely essential to glowing, younger looking skin. Valentia’s Ultra Pumping mask is formulated using natural ingredients that permeate profoundly, to moisturize on both a surface and cellular level and immediately rescue skin from dry dullness.

● COMBATS SIGNS OF AGING: Wrinkles, fine lines, dark spots and dryness are the most common manifestations of skin fatigue. Valentia Ultra Pumping Hydration Mask contains a miraculous Silk Protein Amino Acid blend, which increases the skin’s production of collagen, the molecule that is fundamental in reducing fine lines and wrinkles. The Botanical Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, and CoQ10 further improve elasticity for more taut skin and an even skin tone free from dark spots.

● NATURALLY NOURISHING INGREDIENTS: The highly concentrated Organic Rosehip Seed Oil is nature’s most powerful tool to lock in moisture for a 24 hour glow. Combined with a unique blend of amino acids and potent antioxidants, like Japanese Green tea and Aloe Vera, to reduce fine lines, increase collagen production, and fight natural skin irritants.

● GLOWING RADIANCE: Valentia’s exclusive ingredients are meticulously selected from the highest quality, organic, all natural, resources for their individual medicinal values and also for their powerful combined and cumulative effects together.

● ORGANIC SEA BUCKTHORN OIL: An anti­aging wonder berry that does it all: fewer fine lines, diminished sunspots, more even skin tone, and firmer, more supple skin. Organic Sea Buckthorn Oil is one of the main ingredients in Ultra Pumping Hydration Mask for it’s unprecedented results.

● IN HOME SPA TREATMENT: Lifelong exposure to toxins and free radicals seems like a giant battle for your skin to conquer. Valentia offers an at home rescue opportunity to nourish delicate facial skin with nature’s most restorative ingredients.

Valentia believes in the power of nature and therefore we proudly treat nature with the utmost respect and care. Inside every Valentia product you will find ingredients that are organic, natural, toxin and paraben­free, made using sustainable energy, vegan friendly, animal cruelty free, and made in the USA.

Our experts have scientifically formulated products that are highly concentrated with only the most potent natural medicines, meaning a little goes a long way. In our firm conviction that everyone deserves self­care and to have access to luxury skincare solutions, we always keep our products priced fairly.

Disclaimer:  The product discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it. 

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