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Tips for Taking the Stress out of Engagement Ring Shopping - %%Shoppingwives%%

Tips for Taking the Stress out of Engagement Ring Shopping



The thought of engagement ring shopping does not delight many men. The ring

represents a lasting commitment and an exciting life step, but choosing from the myriad

engagement rings available today can feel like an overwhelming task. However, the

more that you learn and the more time that you spend, the easier the job becomes. Here

are a few guidelines to accept and embrace during the engagement ring shopping process.

Wedding rings and money

Be Prepared to Invest

Finding the perfect engagement ring may require a significant amount of time and

money. Time is the most important thing to dedicate. Besides finding the ring with

the perfect style, you need to read up on diamond shopping and reputable jewelers in

your area. Working with a certified, high-quality jeweler is a must, and although good

jewelers will explain your options, having a basic understanding of the characteristics of

diamonds — color, cut, clarity, and carat-weight — is a huge boon.

Deciding what to spend on an engagement ring can be difficult. The old standard was the

salary you would earn in two or three months, but this may not be feasible in the current

recession. Some experts advise that you start with a month to a month and a half of pay,

see what your options are, and work up from there if necessary. You don’t have to spend

a small fortune, but unless you’re planning to upgrade later, it’s important to remember

that your loved one will be wearing that ring for years, and you might later regret cutting

corners when purchasing it.


Look for Help

Buying a ring isn’t something that you have to undertake completely on your own. From

sizing to style, ring options can be baffling, and you’ll get better results if you enlist

outside resources. Some steps you can take include:

• Talking to her friends about style and design preferences

• Looking through the jewelry that she presently owns

• Describing her fashion style and lifestyle to jewelers

• Perusing magazines to see the available options and current trends

All of these measures can help you hone in on the style that will be most likely to wow

her. You should also make sure to ask her friends or female relatives about her ring size

or, better yet, borrow a ring that you’ve seen her wear on her ring finger and take it to a

jeweler for sizing.


Consider Less Conventional Approaches

There are some fairly ingrained expectations about the ideal engagement ring and how

it should be chosen and presented, but don’t feel like you can’t break tradition. Many

couples shop together for rings after the proposal to find something that they both love.

Many modern engagement ring designs venture away from traditional colorless diamonds

and even incorporate other stones, like sapphires. If your loved one tends to appreciate

tradition and follow convention, these may not be the best choices, but many women

enjoy owning something a little different that shows thought and originality.

When shopping for an engagement ring, it is important that you avoid putting too much

pressure on yourself. It’s true that the decision is a major one, and you shouldn’t try to cut

costs or just buy the first ring that a salesperson presents. However, if you are honestly

dedicating thought and effort to the decision, you shouldn’t have to stress too much about

finding the perfect fit.

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