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Timer Votive Flameless Battery Operated Candles

Timer Votive Flameless Battery Operated Candles


John and I both love candles.  My love of them started way back when I was probably still a teenager.  A long time ago, even though it seems like yesterday in my mind.  Turning out the lights, lighting a candle and listening to pillow talk was how I spent many nights.  Dreaming of the day when I would be in the perfect marriage, with the perfect life.  Since then I know nothing is ever perfect, and that is okay.  But my love for candles is still here.

There is a lot of pros and cons when it comes to candles.  My biggest con is the way they drip.  My poor coffee tables have suffered due to hot wax.  We have also tried dripless and those work well.

I love the scented ones, while John doesn’t care if they are scented or not. 


But we had the chance to try out some different sets of LED candles.  This first set I want to tell you about today is the Timer Votive Flameless candles

In this box you will 5 12 votive candles with batteries.  They are simple to use.  Each one has a timer.  You turn the button on the bottom on.  The candle burns 5 hours, then goes off for 19 hours.  The next day they come back on, on their own.  I love this because it does save the batteries.  There is no drips so my coffee table is safe.

It is always safe from cats that tend to be nosey.  Have I told you the story about my cat that hit the tapered candle with his tail and caught it on fire? He was okay so I can talk about it now.  But it could’ve been much worse. 

With these I don’t have to worry about forgetting one on and going to bed or out and the animals knocking them over, burning down my home.

This particular set is from Kohree. 

John and I have tried them out now for several days and they really do work.  I have used battery operated candles, once before.  The batteries in those last months so I have no doubt these will do the same.  That was important for me.  I didn’t want to be out buying new candles every 2 or 3 days and am relieved to find out that I will not be.


You can do everything with these candles that you do with normal candles:

  • *Illuminate a fireplace mantel or bookshelf loft with a bunch of candles in votive holders. Turn on right on schedule and turn off five hours later.
  • *Scatter some flameless candles around your home for a cozy ambiance- bring life to your house every night- so warm.
  • *Decorate special events, candle light dinners with your loved one, wedding parties and use as wedding favors.

  • *Use them with your floral centerpieces.
  • *Excellent decor items for wedding receptions, dinner parties, holiday gatherings and other events.

Disclaimer:  These were sent to me in exchange for me sharing my unbiased opinion after testing them out.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Where would you burn your Flameless candles?  Let me know in

the comments below!

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