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The Recipe for Getting what you want for Christmas

The Recipe for Getting what you want for Christmas


We all have had that Christmas morning before.  We have shopped our little hearts out for everyone around us,  we are sitting there smiling now watching the paper flying as they unwrap these hard earned gifts.

  You reach and take the awkwardly wrapped present that is handed to you.  You try hard not to judge a present by its wrapper.  You open it up.  There staring at you is a new toaster, a hammer, maybe even a vacuum cleaner.

What went wrong?  Why does the husband get to enjoy his new golf clubs or the kids their new electronics.  And you get to clean the house, make the toast or hang a picture?   While these types of gifts are more then likely from the heart, They just aren’t what you want.

Maybe there is a recipe for getting what you want for Christmas.

First we have to look at our family as our Stoves.  Each person has a different stove (family) so the preheating and the cooking methods will all be different.  But once you figure them out, your recipe will come out perfectly.  As with the stoves, some peoples ingredients may also be different.  You will have to adjust these ingredients, until you find the perfect mix.

You will have to try these different things out.  Here is the main ingredients.

Create wish lists. 

You can do this online at several places.  www.amazon.com is where I create mine at most of the time.  The key to this is adding different priced items.  You can add something from a 3.00 book up to a $200.00 Kindle Fire and everywhere in between.  Just make sure you add stuff you want.  Adding the different priced items will cover your bases for all the income brackets in your family.

Write down what you want on paper

Take a notebook and paper and write down what you would like to have.  Write on the top of it WISH LIST and then be sure and leave these papers laying around.  Drop it in the floor where you know your family will see it.  Places like the bathroom, fridge and close to the television is high traffic places and will increase your chances.

Make up a song. 

 Subliminal messaging is a good way to get unsuspecting people.  It doesn’t have to be fancy.  It could be a familiar song like, Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer.  But switch the words around.

For example:

(sung in the tune of Rudolph)  Tabby the shopping wife, had a very generous husband, and if you ever saw him he would say his wife was a glutton, then one foggy Christmas eve John Decided to say, Tabby put your best stretch pants on we are going to your favorite buffet………

Okay, not a good example- but just make up words until you can add a part about what you want!  That is the important part.  If you sing this song while you are cooking or cleaning or whenever you see them coming into the room, it may just work! 

Be vocal about what you want

Some people just can’t take a hint.  These people you just have to sit them down and say, “if you are wanting to get me something, I would love to have this”.  I know John loves it when I tell him.  Yes, it ruins the element of surprise.  But if you really want something then it doesn’t hurt to be vocal..   You could also tell him your top 3 wishes and he could buy you one of them (or all 3) then the surprise is still there.

Leave circled magazine ads laying around

Around this time of the year we have a lot of circulars coming in daily.  Be sure and go through them and circle things you like then leave them laying around.

Pity Party tactic

Yes, I know this one seems over dramatic.  Sometimes a woman has got to do what a woman has got to do!  This is confiding something sad or that bothers us to our gift buying loved ones (bait them).  Then a couple sentences later you start talking about that new purse you would love to have. 

Buy it yourself!

Why not?  You only buy gifts for people you love – so why not show yourself just how much you love YOU!  You are worth it!

Sometimes it only takes one of these tactics to achieve the finished recipe.  Sometimes you have to combine several of them.  As I said, it depends on your ovens!

One last note.  Remember that whatever you are given, it is usually given out of love and we should appreciate every little thing.  So when your husband gives you new fishing lure for Christmas, take that lure and make earrings out of it!  Or more simply, look for the positives in everything.

How do you let people know what you would like without being obvious?  What is the strangest thing you ever received from someone?  Tell me in the comments!

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