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The Modern Rules Of Shopping

The Modern Rules Of Shopping


The world just keeps evolving.  Each day is made up of small changes, changes we don’t even see happening or notice.  We normally don’t notice but just accept them as they happen. For example, television.  There used to be shows such as Charlie’s Angels, Little House, Fantasy island, Love Boat, Three’s Company and so on. 

At that time there may have been 3 channels to watch those shows on. When we wanted to watch one of the shows, we got up and turned the channel.  If we wanted to hear the sound better, we got up and turned up the volume. 

We didn’t have cable, but an antenna.  Some of our antennas was nothing more then a wire coat hanger, which has also evolved!  If we were lucky we had color television instead of black and white.  I am not sure the order in which everything changed.  I do know that while we faithfully watched our shows on the tv we had we were happy. 

Fast Forward a few years and we had cable, the rabbit ears were gone.  There was more channels then we could possibly watch and we could turn those channels from our couch.  I could go on and on how as the years went on, even more things about the simple television evolved.

This post isn’t about the television though.  That was an example of how each day small things were changing to make the world what it is today.  I could’ve very well used the toaster, furniture, cars or the paper as examples. 

What this post is about is Shopping.  How now in almost 2015 we have to roll with the changes.  They are happening, let’s embrace them. 

And yes there is has been a lot of changes in shopping.  That is why I decided to write down “The Modern Rules of Shopping”.


Rule #1 

Load up your shoppers card.  Yes, be sure and get online and put your coupons right on that store card before you leave home.  No more just cutting out coupons.  Yes, you can still cut out coupons and use them, but I see a lot of stores gradually going to only digital coupons.

Rule #2

Take your cell phone.  You can’t leave home without it!  I mean more then likely your shopping list is somewhere in it.  Who has time to actually write what you need down on paper?  You are also going to need that phone when you aren’t sure of the size of something or the flavor.  You are going to have to call hubby to ask him which he would prefer.  After all it isn’t 1971 or even 1981, where women wrote it down and then made the executive decision on what to get when their first choice wasn’t available.

Rule #3

Wear your pajamas.  Gone are the days where women actually dressed to go shopping!  Now you just need to throw on a baggy pair of pajama pants and your set to go! 

Rule #4

Download Apps.  Yes, back to Rule 2.  Bring that cell phone.  You are going to need those shoppers apps that will help you compare and save money while shopping!  All you need to do is scan your receipt and you will get money back.  SCORE!

Rule #5

Beware.  Watch out for the nice kid that is standing outside the store offering to help you carry your packages to the car for you.  Sadly people today aren’t doing that to earn a quarter for a moon pie and a bottle of coke.  They are either going to take, your purse, take your car, or just beat you up for the fun of it.  Not everybody is bad, but just beware. 

Rule #6

Take a lot of money or credit cards.  The prices on everything is going up daily.  There is no time to stand in line and write out that paper check.  Just swipe that card and go on.

Rule #7

You no longer have to eat before you go.  They have places inside most stores now that you can sit down and have a snack.  Some stores even offer a variety of samples.  You can stuff yourself while shopping.  That brings me to rule 8.

Rule #8

Wear something comfy and stretchy.  Maybe this applies to Rule #3 – Wear Pajama Pants!

Rule #9

Watch while your items are being scanned.  Everything is computerized after all and sometimes computers do make mistakes.  You may end up paying more then what you thought you were going to if you are not careful

Rule #10

Enjoy your trip!  Each day everything is slowly changing.  One thing at a time, next week will never be the same! 



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