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The Lazy Wife's way to clean for the holidays

The Lazy Wife’s way to clean for the holidays


I am not admitting I am lazy.  The “lazy” is hypothetical.  I am not even insinuating the person reading this post is lazy.  That is hypothetical too.  This post is more or less for us with “lazy” friends 😉  Maybe something you read here will help them out.

Let’s get the simplest one out of the way first.

Have someone else do it for you.  This could also be the most expensive way as well.  A few tips to make it not so expensive is to get someone related to you to do it.  Someone unsuspecting.  A friend, a younger family member.  Maybe even your husband.  Of course this would also involve a little something called a “guilt trip”.  For example:

“I am going to get up and clean the… long pause and the pain look… Sorry, I just had the worse pain in my back” I need to get up and get that (fill in the blank) cleaned before I do (fill in the blank). “Do we have any pain tablets in the house?”.  Of course you may have to add to this, depending on the family member. 

Maybe you don’t want to go with the pain driven guilt trip, but instead the “I just need to vent guilt trip”.  This is where you start going over everything you have done and still need to do in order to host your dinner.  Kind of like a speech with a lot of sighs and worried looks while reciting it.

If you can’t get someone else to do it.  You may have to go a different route.


The next way is to do just the bare minimum.  This is more or less spraying furniture polish on the blades of the ceiling fan and turning the fan on high speed.  Running the dust mop in the center of the floors and stuffing things under cushions on the couch.  This one isn’t the healthiest way to have a clean home and will end up catching up with you in the future.  It will help for the lazy wives in a pinch. 

There is other ways you can get the job done. 


These tips are more on the serious side (some of them are) – But is designed for the lazy wife to get it done right but fast, so she can get back to more important things eg. Candy Crush, Papa Pear……..

1.  Keep a cleaning caddy with the basics in it.  One you can carry from room to room – that way you don’t have to keep running from one room to the next grabbing cleaning supplies.  This will save you steps.

2.  Make rules in your house.  Rules you stand by, such as NO SHOES in the house.  This is going to save you time when it comes to cleaning the floors.

3.  Use your dishwasher A LOT.  You can put most everything in there and it saves you from having dishpan hands.

4.  Break up the day with items that need done.  Dust for 10 minutes.  Sit down, have coffee – have you time.  After an hour goes, get up and do something else for 10 minutes.  Before you know it you will see progress…..

5.  Take a long bubble bath or shower, on your way out of the tub wipe it down.

6.  Go shopping.  Buy a recipe book on one pot meals and casseroles.  Better yet, pick up a crockpot if you don’t have one and get a book on crockpot meals.  This will save you so much time when it comes to feeding your family.  In the meantime you will have had some awesome retail therapy.  You have been working hard, you deserve it.  Right?

7.  Put on a pair of fuzzy house slippers and walk around your house. This is more for people with hard wood floors.  Be sure and grab a cup of coffee and the tv remote on you walk around the house.  This will pick up dust.  Once you have done that put those fuzzy socked feet on the coffee table and swipe it a little bit.  Table is dusted.  You deserve a break.. Good thing you grabbed that remote on the way through right?

These tips should get you started and on your way to a nice clean home.  They also should have gave you a shopping trip, a bubble bath, coffee and tv time. 

Being a wife is hard work – but somebody has to do it!


Do you have any lazy cleaning tips?  Share them in the comments section below!


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