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The day the girls received their BarkBox - %%Shoppingwives%%

The day the girls received their BarkBox


In this post I do talk about something that was given to me free for review, all opnions here are my own and I wasn’t told what to write, say or think….

If you have a love for dogs like  I do, you know there is a few basic things our dogs require. 

  1. Fresh Air
  2. Food
  3. Water
  4. Treats
  5. Toys
  6. Love

In return they give us such unconditional love!  That is why I love to go that extra mile whenever I can and give my girls something extra.  One night while browsing online I found this site called Barkbox.  It instantly appealed to me. 

A monthly box of Dog goodies

That is what I seen when I went there.  As I browsed the site I found out it is a monthly subscription box delivered each month for your dogs.  Each box is different so you never know what is going to come in each month. 
  First you need to pick the size of your dog.  Once you have done that you can decide if you want the box delivered for 3 months or 6 months.  I was very interested in this so I emailed the company.  I received a wonderful response and an offer to try 1 month free.  I was able to go through the purchase process and use a coupon code.  I was surprised at how easy it was to sign up.  Just in case you are wondering.  You can get a box for as low as $19.00 a month and 10% of your purchase does go toward rescue groups. 
What was in the box I received?
My girls was so excited!  It was like they knew when the box came in that it was for them!  I was extremely surprised at the contents of the box.
There was:
  1. Rope toy
  2. 2 packs of liquid vitamins (sample size)
  3. Rawhide bone
  4. Duck Jerky
  5. Grooming mits
  6. another type of treat



what did the girls think about this box?  They LOVED it!  They both shared the rawhide bone and duck jerky.  The only thing we had trouble with was the rope toy.  Sonia claimed it the moment she seen it.  First thing in the morning she brings it to me to play fetch and tug of war.  Randomly throughout the day she is standing there with it in her mouth looking at me.  Making me feel like I am neglecting her when I don’t constantly toss for her to carry back. 

This made it a problem for Cleo though, she wanted to play to.  In the end we had to buy cleo a smaller version from the local grocery store.  It is not nearly as good of quality as the one that was in the Barkbox. 

I really think this is well worth the money they charge per month. 

If you are interested in subscribing to Barkbox you can do so HERE.  When you subscribe using  this link you will get $5.00 off and I will get a free Barkbox!

Please be sure and visit Barkbox on Facebook and Twitter and Pinterest!


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