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Taking your husband grocery shopping - %%Shoppingwives%%

husband’s grocery shopping


men shopping


Everybody is different.  we all know that.  There is women that can’t get enough of shopping.  Then there is women that cringes when they hear the word shop.

Men are the same way.

My husband loves to go grocery shopping.  He squeals with delight when he is in the fresh produce department.  He absolutely loves it.  He loves it even more when he takes some of his “finds” to the cashier and she/he isn’t sure what a particular fruit or vegetable is.

Then does he not only give her the name but the origin and yes, if there isn’t a line, how to cook it!  I have also been witness to him going up to other customers asking them how they prepare the particular vegetable they are holding and then swapping cooking stories.

This next section is based on my husband and my shopping habits or preferences.

Him: Make a list and stick to itbuy only what you need, saves time & money.

MeShop around and buy whatever I might want at that particular moment- End up with a cart full of stuff you may not need and then remember something you do need once your already home.  Takes more time and money.

HimThrow the first thing you see in the cartCosts more money in the long run.  Saves time.

MeLook around for the price and the brand and compare- takes more time, saves money better food quality.


I don’t mind as much taking my husband grocery shopping with me.  Basically the same rules apply as taking Kids shopping.

My husband can also cover the whole store while I am still down the first aisle.  We have pretty well adjusted to each others shopping habits so we accept the others routines.  While John starts at the vegetables and works his way around (as they say on health shows to do) without going through the middle aisles.  I have my coupons and I am collecting what I need from the rest of the store.  Usually he has what he wants and meets me before I am done.

All in all it isn’t so bad.  I enjoy him being with me and helping out.

Now shopping in a department store/mall or anything else that isn’t grocery is a complete other blog post!


Does your husband go shopping with you? 


9 Responses to husband’s grocery shopping

  • I don’t drive (I know, scandalous!), so my husband always takes me grocery shopping. However, he usually sits in the car and reads the paper. On occasion he’ll come in the store with me, and sometimes I like his company, but other times he drives me crazy! He wants to buy all this exotic crap, stuff I NEVER buy, that he swears he’s going to cook but usually doesn’t. Of course, it’s worse when he actually does cook it and stinks up the whole house! So, overall, I’d rather be alone. I despise grocery shopping, and if I weren’t such a control freak I’d have my husband just go without me and buy whatever!

  • Mayra says:

    First thank you for being part of Think Outside The Blog Hop

    Second I don’t like grocery shopping, I Hate it when my husband comes with me lol He loves to do it plus hes the one that cooks so I’m happy to let him do it and happier when he takes the kids 🙂

  • Kristi says:

    When I take my husband grocery shopping my bill doubles. We do our grocery shopping at the Super Walmart so he has to look at the car stuff, the ammo, the electronics and then he makes sure to walk the grocery aisles adding in junk snacks. Uggg MEN!
    Kristi recently posted…$1000 Paypal/Cash Giveaway 5 Winners!My Profile

  • My husband and I are split on the shopping perfectly though, I love shopping for food and that is it. I love to cook, he does the shopping for everything else. We balance each other out perfectly!
    Jennifer Williams recently posted…Peanut Butter CookiesMy Profile

  • Darlene says:

    Hi Tabby, I would rather take the kids. Hubby throws all kinds of things into the cart that no one else will eat. He keeps asking are we done yet. He is way worse than the kids. LOL

    • Darlene, My husband is in such a run when we go and heads straight to what we go for. He doesn’t like to just look or take his time. I sometimes tell him “this is why I like to go by myself”. Then I feel guilty for saying that.
      ShoppingWives recently posted…Short Update. on me me meMy Profile

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