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disclaimer:  I received a free product before writing this post.  I was however NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Last month I was sent a product I have actually talked about in the past.  It is a product I have grown to really love more and more and they keep making it better with all the options out there to choose from.  This item I am talking about is the SodaStream


This time I was sent the Genesis edition in Black.  This machine is also available in red. 


what do I love about it? 

I hope I don’t come off too strong when I use that word.  I am just the type of person that has worked hard to try and always see the good in everything first and go from there.  With that said let me tell you all my positives.  Things that really pulls me towards this machine instead of buying regular cans of soda. 

1.  I like the fact that “I” control what I am putting in there.  I add the syrup and the carbonation and even the water. 

2.  Soda Stream has now a variety of options to choose from. Not only do they have regular drinks like Soda Flavors but they also have flavors such as Crystal light, kool aid, country time, Ocean Spray, Happy Hr Cocktail Mixers, and this is just naming a few.

3.  Their availability is amazing.  This machine isn’t something you are going to use once and then not be able to find the needed products for.  You can find all the items you need such as carbonation tanks and syrups at places such as Walmart, Meijer, Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond.  For a complete list of retailers and to find a store near you look HERE.

4.  Carbonating Bottles ARE DISHWASHER SAFE!  I love that.  I have had several plastic items destroyed by my dishwasher.  The kit came with 1 bottle and I was able to purchase an extra one in case I wanted to keep more then one flavor on hand at a time. 

5.  You can take in your old carbonator tank to several retailers and they will exchange them for a full one and I think they will cost somewhere in the neighborhood around $14.99.  It is much cheaper that way then it is to buy a brand new tank. 

Remember February the 2nd (just a few more days) is the SuperBowl.  This would make your day a lot easier to have on hand so when your out stocking up on pizza, chips and hotwings, be sure and consider putting one of these in your cart


Don’t do the football thing?  That is okay!  Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people don’t!  Valentines day is also coming up.  As I have mentioned in my last couple postings.  I believe this would also be a great gift for anybody on your list!!!

Would you enjoy receiving  a soda stream as a gift?




What is your drink of choice?  Well what is your non alcoholic drink of choice?  I bet most of you all said pop/softdrink.  I know most of the time that is what my choice would be.  I love Mountain Dew!  But with trying to watch my weight that isn’t a great choice for me to make.

I have switched to diet and that right there just isn’t the same.  After I got used to it it was alright.  But switching over does take some hard work and devotion on your part.

Then I heard about this fantastic new machine.  One that would save me money, let me be in control what I put in my drink, and still give me that cool sweet satisfaction that my forbidden carbonated drink of choice provided before.

Do you know where I am going with this?

The machine I am talking about is called “Soda Stream”  After learning more about the machine I wanted to try this!  I wanted to share with all my readers my thoughts on this miracle worker in the drink world.

I was extremely happy when Soda Stream sent me a free machine to review as well as all the bells and whistles that came along with it!


They sent me a black machine, These are also available in different colors such as red,white & Blue!

They also sent me a carbonation tank which fits in the back of the machine.  There was several sample sized flavors as well as full sized bottles of flavors in the box.

photo (2)photoff

Couldn’t forget the rootbeer, awesome for rootbeer floats!


These machines are easy to find.  If you go to Walmarts chances are you have seen these!  There is a endless variety of flavors to choose from, including Kool Aid!

My experience with it.  what surprised me was it needed no electric.  All you do is put your carbonation bottle in the back of the machine, screw a bottle of water on the front of the machine, pump in 2 or 3 pumps of carbonation, then add your flavor.   The flavor is very sticky so pour it in cautiously.  Poor it in slow or it will come back at you.  I was happy a friend warned me of this ahead of time.  My intention was to actually video my husband making rootbeer without warning.  I was hoping to see him get spewed.  I didn’t get to do that though haha.

Another thing is the carbonation.  You may want to add extra for more of a fizz.  It says 2 pumps on the directions.  You really just have to experiment and do it to your taste.  that is what makes the machine amazing.  I think as far as the taste it is very comparable to a regular can of pop.

This has also been kid tested.  My 10 year old niece was over one night and asked for a glass of rootbeer.  I gave her a glass from the soda stream and she drank it all.  In my opinion this is a great investment for anyone that likes to drink soda.

to learn more about soda stream visit their site at sodastreamusa.com  follow them on twitter and like them on Facebook


photo (3)

what is your favorite drink?”


Disclosure:  I was given a sodastream  and all the beverages to try of no charge, all opinions expressed is entirely my own.

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