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Disney Bambi Women’s Platform Lace-Up Sneaker

I have always been a Disney kind of gal.  I guess that is why I was over the moon when I seen a pair of Women’s platform Lace up sneakers with Disney’s Bambi on them!



Since they didn’t have my size available at the time, I decided to surprise my niece with these.  Just looking at the picture they had online, I could see how cute they were.  They came in fairly fast and seeing them in person I was still impressed.


The shoes come in a plastic wrapping, no shoe box.  The shoes them self are wonderful.  The vibrant colors all blending together to make a wonderful scene from the movie Bambi.  The shades of blues almost look airbrushed on the shoes.  The soles are nice and thick forming the platform.  They come with a nice long pair of white shoe strings.  They are not cheaply made either.  They are sewed together nicely and I believe will last a long time


I haven’t tried washing them and I couldn’t find if they were machine washable.  I might would take care with them if I did, washing them in cold water and let them air dry. 

I ordered a size 6 for my 13 year old niece and they fit her perfectly.  She hasn’t complained with any sweaty feet or blisters yet.

In my experience, finding Disney items usually come with a large price tag.  That is why I was confused when I seen these were selling on Amazon for $24.99.  I was thinking they may be a Disney rip off, but they aren’t. 

I really love these and would suggest them to anyone that loves Disney!

What is your favorite Disney Movie?  Tell me in the comments below!


Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this posting in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Shop for Dress Shoes for Work and Special Occasions



You might feel perfectly comfortable spending most of your life wearing casual shoes, such as trainers or whatever you wear to the gym or to do lawn work, but it seems the world sometimes expects a little more from you. No matter how much you love your favorite sneakers, sometimes you simply need the perfect men’s dress shoes. Even men sometimes need to dress to impress. Whether it is your boss, your significant other or someone else in your life hosting a special event, sometimes you just have to go on a mission to find a pair of dress shoes you can live with.

One example of a place you can shop to find these seemingly elusive dress shoes that everyone wants you to wear is Peltz. This online store, and others like them, offers you a broad array of dress shoes from major designers and manufacturers. Whether you know these designers or not probably doesn’t matter much since the overall quality across the board on these websites runs quite high, so your likelihood of finding great dress shoes without any special knowledge is still pretty high.

Keep in mind that, even though you will find your perfect dress shoes at these online shops, you can also find casual, athletic, work and other shoes, so you can bounce back after you get through the matter of finding your perfect dress shoes.
Some of the major brands of dress shoes you will find when you visit a high-quality online seller include Kenneth Cole, Ecco, Rockport, Dockers, Josef Seibel Vance, Mezlan, Nunn Bush, Bostonian, Florsheim, Brass Boot, Stacy Adams, Johnston and Murphy, Bacco Bucci, Hush Puppies, Born Mens, Sperry and other fine brands.

Much of your choice might lie in eye appeal, but that works fine since that usually works best anyway when buying shoes. Find something you can imagine enjoying wearing, especially for a long day at the office or at a wedding reception. Make sure to look at all the varieties, color schemes, materials and more when you begin your shoe shopping excursion. You will find something attractive and comfortable when you shop with a reliable online seller.

Kate by OKA b

When I came to Panama last week, I brought with me 5 pairs of shoes.  2 pairs of them being from my absolute favorite shoe place of all time.  A few months ago I talked in a post about a place call OKAb.  You can read that post here.

Since then I have faithfully wore those shoes and they still look as good as new and feel just as good.  I am spoiled by them.  That is why I couldn’t wait for fall to come a long so I could maybe review a pair out of their fall catalogue. 

While there was so many pairs to choose from I chose a pair that would work good in Panama. 


disclaimer:  I received a free pair of shoes before writing this post, I wasn’t required to give a positive post and all opinions are 100% my own and my differ from yours.

The shoes I picked out this time is called “Kate” and I asked for them in gold.  I wasn’t disappointed when they came in.  I was able to put them right on and wasn’t worried about my feet rubbing raw or breaking them in. 

While I loved the way they felt I was scared to wear them to the beach.  I didn’t want to ruin them.  So I wore my sneakers which was a real pain trying to pull them off and on.  One day we were out and I decided to just wear my trusted Kate shoes.  I should have known they would be alright.  I wore them, they were easy to take off when I got to the sand and just as easy to put back on.  Of course even taking them off your feet shoes and anything else you touch is going to be full of sand. 

These shoes are dishwasher safe,  while I have not put them in the dishwasher to try this out, I have took the garden hose, sprayed them off and they come out looking as good as new. 

Like the others these have a reflexology inspired design.  They have little beads right in the foot bed that massages the feet. I thought at first this would aggravate me, it doesn’t!


While there is several benefits of OKAb a few that sticks out to me is the fact that they are non slip and non marking and that they are made in the USA. 

I know I talk about the beach a lot in this review but that is just for an example.  You can wear these anywhere and not have to worry about ruining your shoes. They have a variety of colors and styles to choose from and are available online.  You also can receive free shipping on orders over $75!  So take the money you would normally pay for shipping and get a 2nd or 3rd pair of shoes!

This is not just an ordinary review for me, this is a company I would trust and buy from in the future.  I know they don’t just sell pretty shoes, they sell comfort.

Stay up to date with all the latest news, fashions and giveaways by liking and following them on several social media outlets:





Do you have a favorite pair of shoes?

Therafit Shoes- Review and Giveaway


disclosure:  I received a pair of shoes from Therafit before writing this review.  I wasn’t required to write a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and maybe it is.  But when it comes to these shoes by Therafit – There just isn’t enough words that can describe the way they feel!  Their tagline is, making your whole body happy and that is very true.

Have you watched the show “The Doctors” On CBS?  These shoes were co-founded by Dr. Lisa Masterson of that show!  These shoes are also endorsed by the National Posture Institute.

They are a European designed shoe that was created with 4 c’s in mind.  Comfort, Customer, Charity and Community.  They have a program called


With this program they donate $1.00 to a charity program of your choice.  You can read more about the charities by going to One Step Forward Giving.

These shoes come in a variety of styles and colors.  I asked them to send me a pair of the ones called “Deborah Women’s Sneaker Shoe in a silver/blue.  I felt that these colors wouldn’t make my feet pop out and would go with just about any outfit.

Now that we know the company is wonderful, the shoes look awesome.  There is still more about them that make them special.  These are a special patented system that lets YOU control the amount of shock absorbed in your feet.  In each shoes there is small bars. 

Remove bars by:

  1. 1.  Start with inside of shoe
  2. 2.  Firmly push the adapter out with your thumb
  3. 3.  Pull.  Done!

Insert bars:

  1. 1.  Start with the outside fo the shoe.
  2. 2.  Place your finger on the logo and push in the direction of the arrow
  3. 3.  Push.  Done!


Wether you wear your shoes with 1 adapter or all 3 is up to the individual wearing the shoes.  I personally like to wear all 3.  Here is a video that shows you how to remove and insert:


Pretty cool huh?  I love mine and will continue to wear them!  I hope to eventually get to try out the Sandals as well.  Like I said, they have a huge variety to choose from!
Now you can have your own pair!  Therafit has offered to give one of Shopping Wives readers a pair of shoes!   Just enter the rafflecopter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wedge Sneakers by Upere



disclaimer: I was sent a product to review in exchange for doing this post.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100%  my own.

A couple months ago a company by the name of Upere emailed me to tell me about some wonderful wedge sneakers they have on their site.  I was very interested in them.  I decided to go to their site and see what Upere was all about.

I found out Upere was founded in 2012 and it produces high end and trendy wedge shoes and sneakers for women at different ages.  I liked the shoes and the fact that they could be worn with a lot of outfits.  They were different then anything I had seen around here and I liked that as well.

I am the type of person that likes to be different.  I am shy in my own right but at the same time I like to go all out and do something out there.  I am not a follower and when the craze takes over and everyone is doing what I am doing then I tend to look for something else that I can make my own.

I was asked to do a review of a pair of the wedge sneakers.  I accepted and couldn’t wait for them to come in.  While I had looked at the picture I wasn’t expecting to not be able to see the wedge at all.  The wedge is completely hidden inside the back of the shoe.

It will give you a lift and what I liked about it was the shoes inside was padded and cushiony.  That makes the wedges for me very comfy.


I love the color of the blue and as you can maybe see the straps are a suede leather type.  They are very high quality and I believe them when they claim to produce high end shoes. 


Gotta love the big star on the side right?  Can you see the wedge anywhere?  It is inside the back of the shoe there! 


This is the back of the shoe I really like the way they are made in the back! 

When I first seen them I questioned why I would need a wedge that couldn’t be seen.  Did I really need the added height?  I don’t think it is all about the height as much as it is about the way it helps my posture when I walk.

I am glad that Upere reached out to me and I appreciate them sending me these shoes!  I am looking more towards fall and even next winter when I will wear these more often during those seasons.

Do you like them?  Right now you can save 15% on wedge sneakers by entering the code “UPERE” at the checkout!

If you would like to stay up to date with Upre  then Like them on Facebook and follow them on Pinterest and Twitter!

disclaimer: I was sent a product to review in exchange for doing this post.  I was not required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100%  my own.


My favorite summer shoes!


Disclosure:  I received a pair of shoes from Oka B in exchanged for a  review.  Opinions are 100% my own.

I have found a new pair of shoes for the summer!  While I love the wedges and heels, they aren’t realistic for me.  I am a southern girl and comfort comes first for me.  While I like comfort, I also like style.  I was excited when I learned about Oka B.

Oka B is where fashion meets comfort!

What is some of the things they put into each shoe?
Reflexology inspired design
Antimicrobial and odor resistant
non slip and non marking
microplast technology
dishwasher safe!
made in the USA
This is just a few things that I found exciting about this brand.  There is a lot more!  I wanted to tell you about my experience with the shoes. 
After looking at all the different colors and designs that were available, I chose the “KIm”  shoes.  There was 5 color combinations to choose from, I decided to go with licorice.
When I first received them I didn’t think they looked wide at all.  I was scared my foot wouldn’t fit in them.  I was wrong.  They fit on perfect.  I loved the look and the feel!  Of course I was worried about breaking them in.  I didn’t want to suffer with blisters, but wanted to give them a chance.  I didn’t get one blister.
2013-04-29 14
In fact I even told my husband that I would pay for these shoes.  I have been known to go out and buy a pair of shoes and bring them home and not be able to wear them, only to have to go out and buy another pair that ended up hurting my feet.  I rather pay $45 for one pair that I can wear and love then to buy 5 pairs for 10 dollars a piece and them sit in my shoe rack.
I Have had several compliments on them.  My mom was disappointed that they fit me, she was hoping she would’ve ended up with them.  Sorry Mom Open-mouthed smile
If you are a shoe lover like I am, then I suggest you check out Oka B shoes.  You can also find Oka B on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest.
Do you have a favorite type of shoe?
2013-05-04 14  edited

Zipz Shoes Giveaway!


Disclosure:  I received a free pair of the shoes I am going to be talking about in this post.  I wasn’t compensated nor was I told to give a positive review.  All opinions are honest and my own.

Be honest.  Do you like the shoes in that picture?  I hope so.  I am wearing them!  I thought I had seen it all until I seen Zipz.  Before I tell you about my feelings, let me share with you some history on these shoes.

The Zip Heard Around The World.

Jerry Stefani and his family was at a picnic with several children.  These children were playing dressup which included changing shoes several times during the day.  In all this exchanging of shoes a lot of the shoes became dirty.  After hearing the mothers complain about the dirty shoes and watching the children changing back and forth, Jerry took notice.  He commented that maybe an interchangeable shoe would solve these problems. 
Of course everyone had questions about this idea,  Jerry had answers.  It was simple!  Just create a shoe with interchangeable covers and soles.   While the idea was simple, the process wasn’t.  How would they fasten them?  Velcro?  buttons?  This one piece was missing.  One night however it came to Jerry.  Zippers!
So Simple So Perfect!
The process was in motion.  Several setbacks occurred.  It was hard to create the perfect shoe and yet keep cost down.  After working with several manufacturers, the shoe was finally what they wanted it to be. 
The shoe was initally called “Marshmallow skins”.  They called them this because they were so soft and comfortable.  The name served its purpose, but there was more tweaks to be made and so back to the drawing board they went.
This time the tweaks were made and the shoes were ready for the market.  Thus the “Zipz Shoes” were born. 
Change your Shoes,Change yourself,Change the world!
  • Now with that said, Let’s think outside the shoe box.  With Zips:
  • you have the ability to change the covers of the shoes.
  • There is several patterns, colors and designs to choose from.
  • You can make your own fashion statement
  • Made with fine quality 8 oz canvas
  • Outsole has maximum traction
  • extra cushion insole
  • special designed arch control system
  • Great shoes for if you are on your feet all day
  • Zippers are quality and are YKK zippers 


After talking with the company and working on the details of the review, I asked for a pair of “Love Child” Cali lo tops.  I normally wear a size 9.5 but I was told that these shoes are unisex.  So I was advised that a size 8 in this shoes was the same as a 9.5 –10.
I was excited when they arrived.  I put them on right away and loved the way they felt on my feet!
They are stylish and fun and I have had so many compliments on them.  I have no problem walking in them.  Another thing I have counted on is traveling.  Instead of packing 3 or 4 pairs of shoes I can save so much more room by packing different covers. 
Don’t take my word for it though!  Zipz is giving one of my lucky readers a pair of their own Zipz.  Please enter the rafflecopter below to win your own!
Once you enter to win be sure and visit Zipz on Facebook and Twitter
1 more thing though.
Don’t step in the mud puddles, these still get wet!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Juil Shoes!

Happy Shoes Day!  In keeping with the theme I would Love to tell you about these shoes that I received in the mail.  First off thank you so much to Juil Shoes for sending me this free pair of shoes!  Believe me, the shoes were free but the fact they were free will not alter my opinion of them. 


As I said I was sent a pair of shoes from a website called Juil Shoes.   

WhIle there was several styles and colors to choose from I decided to try out a pair called “Bali”.   These shoes come in 4 different colors. 

  • Black
  • Orange
  • Pewter
  • White

It seems that black and white is in high demand because at the time I requested the shoes these two colors were low in stock.  I was glad when the white Bali was available.  I did have a hard time deciding though.  I love a variety of colors.  I would’ve Loved a pair of each color!

I was very impressed at the speed of the delivery.  The pair of shoes was at my door just a few days after the order was put in.  I was also impressed with the packaging.  They were  packaged in a cute flower yoga bag which I loved.  To me it is the little things that make things so special.  Do you agree?


Another thing that made them special was the toes on the inside.  They have these little metal inserts for each toe.  I late found out that these were actually copper conductors which extend from the footbed to the outsole.  This in turn gives you the feeling that you are actually walking on the ground!  A barefoot feel in which I love.


After I had the shoes a couple days I had an email asking me how they fit and if I liked them.  I thought that was nice.  I was happy with them so far.  I actually decided to take these shoes with me to Arizona for a blogging conference.  I have to admit that by the time the plane landed and I made it through the airport I had a big blister on my left foot.  I can’t really blame this on the shoes though.  My left foot seems to be wider then my right.  I should’ve wore this more before I went on a big trip in them.  I really can’t blame the shoes, but want to tell you the facts.

The bali is recommended for wide feet and I love that.  I will be wearing mine again for sure and I hope to be able to try more of the many styles the company offers in the future. 

These particular shoes do run cost about $85.00 a pair, but they are great quality.

Please visit Juil on their social media outlets and be sure and tell them Tabby from ShoppingWives sent you!

You can find them on the following social media platforms:





“what is your favorite type of shoes?”

Shoes Day Tuesday #1



I am so excited!

Today starts ShoppingWives  first Shoes Day Tuesday!  If you have pictures of your favorite shoes be sure and post them on my facebook wall HERE or pin them and tag me in them at Pinterest

I would REALLY love to see what your favorites are.  If you have a story to tell and you don’t have a blog, email me:  Tabby@shoppingwives.com.  I would love to tell your story on my blog! 

Today I would love to link you up to a great blogger named Jenny. Her website is Jenny at dapperhouse.  In this link she tells about the last time she went shoe shopping. 

Read about her styles and see what a great fashion sense she has when putting an outfit together!  

Here is the link!  If you enjoy her post let her know!

“The Last Time I Went Shoe Shopping-Spring”

Thank you so much for sharing your story  Jenn!

Let’s keep dedicating Tuesday’s to our feet this May!  Watch out for more posts on all things shoes and feet!

I hope you aren’t ticklish!

P.s.  I realize May 1st is a day away, but I didn’t want to skip another Tuesday 😀

Calling All Shoe Lovers!

As a woman I LOVE SHOES.  I can’t say I am as big of a shoe lover as some of my friends.  But I know what I like, what I don’t like or what I love.  I know I love boots & wedges.  I also know I would love to be able to do some of these fancy high heels but in reality, with my size, heels is almost impossible.  I also know that I attempt to wear some of these knockout shoes and most of the time I welcome my comfy gym shoes or run around barefoot.

I actually went to one of my favorite shoe stores, Shoe Carnival,  2 days ago and bought some really cute summer wedges.  Let’s just say I need to get used to them!  They are higher then I normally wear.

Here they are:


This post isn’t all about me though.  I am on a mission!  I am calling all shoe lovers!

I am going to be doing a series of round up posts.  I would like for Bloggers to:

  1. write a post on “The Last Time I Went Shoe Shopping”
  2. post it on your blog
  3. email me the link to that blog post – Tabby@shoppingwives.com
  4. Deadline will be 4/29/13
  5. I am going to do a round up post and include your links in upcoming posting. 
  6. depending on how many submissions will depend how many posts I do.  I will list them in the order I receive them

Not a blogger and would like to join  this Shoe-stravaganza?

Send me photos of your favorite shoes @TabbyAnn on twitter.  Post them Via Facebook.  Email me and ask to join my Shoe-stravaganza shoe board on Pinterest!

Post’s can be serious, funny.  Shoe tips, shoe lists shoe likes dislikes..  Anything shoes!!!

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