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Health, Beauty & Wellness, save money with Groupon!

The following post is a sponsored post.  All opinions in it are 100% my own.


The other day I was out doing some shopping.  I noticed Christmas decorations already in the store I was in.  It was almost a reality check for me!  It made me realize that it was already halfway through September!  While I am one that prefers to not see Christmas items until at least November, it did make me realize how fast time was really flying.  Where did spring go anyways?

After this week things is really going to be busy for me.  I am off on a week long road trip to visit my Sister and her family.  Once I am back there will be a couple birthdays, holidays, anniversary and the start of the New Year.

While times are busy, they can get stressful.  I have one rule that I had to establish for myself during this season.  That rule is something that keeps me from going all the way insane.  That is to schedule in ME days.  This might consist of going for a conditioning treatment at my local salon,  a mani & pedi at the local nail studio  and if I really want to splurge a nice massage.



I probably couldn’t really afford to do some of those things if it wasn’t for Groupon.  I can find all the above things and more for  great deals with the Health, Beauty & Wellness Groupons they offer!  YOU can too!

With Groupon, it  will help to save on restaurants while out on the road travelling.  It will also allow me to spoil my niece and nephew. That both want 3DS’s for Christmas this year.  That still remains to be seen!


Retailers offer tons of products and services through Groupon. It is easy to use, no hidden cost or membership fees even.  With all the holidays coming up, this makes a big difference!

I love saving money when I can. 

What do you do to keep from stressing out in the busy times of your life?

Matcha Tea Gift Set


Have you heard of Matcha tea before?  If not it is is finely ground powder of specially grown and processed green tea.  There is many health benefits by drinking Matcha.  It is also very popular in the Japanese culture. They use it in special ceremonies.

I recently received this really nice Matcha tea gift set by Matcha DNA. 

Inside this really nice gift box (with a magnetic seal) was:

  • 1 ounce of Matcha Tea powder
  • HANDMADE MATCHA TEA BOWL & CERAMIC MATCHA WHISK HOLDER. The handmade matcha tea bowl is just the right size for traditional Matcha tea preparation
  • HANDMADE BAMBOO WHISK & BAMBOO SPOON – The bamboo Matcha tea whisk is handmade with sustanablly grown bamboo. The whisk holder holds the whisk during tea preparation and drying and helps keep its shape


This is really a nice set to own.  I was pleasantly surprised when I seen the quality of the set.  It would be a perfect gift for loved ones.  Especially if they are health conscious and would appreciate the qualities that Matcha tea offers.

The Matcha tea is easy to prepare, especially with this set.  Mainly because it has all you need.

  1. Put 1 to 2 teaspoons of tea powder in the bowl
  2.   add 3 ounces of hot water, don’t let it go to a full boil.  If you use boiling water it may make it taste – not as good.
  3. whisk it until it is foamy or frothy
  4. Drink it straight from the bowl


If you would like to find out more about this Tea set you can visit their Amazon page HERE

disclaimer: I was sent this set in exchange for my honest opinion.  All opinions in this post are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

5 things about Blood Pressure everybody should know


Sometimes I may sound like a recording, especially if what I am saying is something I am passionate about.  Blood Pressure is one of those things.  I am constantly talking about losing weight.  Eating healthy.  But that isn’t for the numbers on the scale.  I would much prefer the number on the bathroom scale to be higher and the number on the Blood Pressure monitor to be lower. 

For me I learned at an early age what it was.  I learned through family members being diagnosed with hypertension, losing family members due to heart problems and eventually being diagnosed with hypertension myself.  If you have been lucky enough not to really hear about it so far, then that is wonderful..  But I feel we should all be educated to what it is.

Here is 5 things Everybody should know about Blood Pressure.

1. What it is exactly.

It is the force of your blood hitting the artery walls as it goes throughout your body

2.  What should your numbers be

This depends on many factors.  Your gender, your age even your race.  Generally 120 over 80 (120/80) to 140 over 90 (140/90) is decent.  You might want to ask your doctor or reach out to a professional to find out exactly what yours should be. 

3.  How can High Blood Pressure Effect you

It can effect you in several ways.  High Blood pressure, also known as the silent killer, is one of the leading causes of death.  It can affect your brain, your heart, your kidneys, your limbs.  Stroke, heart attacks/failure, arterial disease, kidney disease

4.  How can you treat high blood pressure

First talk to your doctor.  If you have high blood pressure he will more then likely put you on some kind of pills.  You will probably have to change your diet too, less fatty greasy foods – add some kind of exercise.  This is something that you will have to talk to a professional about.  Personally I was on pills mixed with a water pill and I didn’t get mine down until I lost a lot of weight.  I was also stressed out at the point I was diagnosed.  I was in a bad marriage and that caused the stress which contributed to the hypertension.  Once I changed my lifestyle I got my numbers back on track. 

5.  How can you prevent high blood pressure

It is a matter of a healthy lifestyle.  Eat Healthier.  Exercise.  Maintain a healthy weight.  Limit your smoking and drinking.  And my suggestion.  Check those numbers!  There is many blood pressure monitors available.  I have a few.  I like to compare.  One of my favorites is the MEASUPRO BPM- 20A upper Arm Blood Pressure Monitor.

Also read: Best Heart Rate Monitor Reviews.


disclaimer:  I received the Measupro that I talked about in this post in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.  Everything in this post is 100% my own opinion and may or may not differ from yours

This blood pressure monitor has many great features that I love

  • Uses Measure with Inflate advanced technology to automatically measure blood pressure along with pulse rate. Get your readings simply and quickly.
  • Designed for two users with easy access buttons for operation and large backlit LCD display for easy visibility.Using a BPM has never been this easy!
  • Averages the three previous measurements and stores up to 120 measurements, 60 records per user. This multi-user mode allows for easy tracking.
  • Color coded backlit LCD screen displays hypertension levels with clarity and ease. Each color represents a classified AHA hypertension level.
  • Has a unique desktop design for practical home, office or clinical use that makes it convenient to utilize and store. Sturdy and durable design.

Since I have been using it, it seems to be pretty accurate.  It fits comfortable on my arm which is larger.  I sometimes have trouble finding a cuff that is wider.  My husband and I both use this and we feel it is well worth the price of $44.99. 

If you do not know what your blood pressure is please find out.  Let’s knock out this silent killer starting with ourselves!


The Weight guru’s digital body fat scale with large backlit LCD and smartphone tracking


In today’s high tech world, everything is changing.  Most of us enjoy the changes.  I think because these changes does make life easier on us.  Most of the time.  I say most of the time mainly because I remember telling my sister I was never getting my Mom an electronic as a gift again.  Tablets and digital picture frames was only a couple of the things that we had to explain to her over and over.  Now I would gladly explain to her how to use those things and more. 

One item that has amazed me is a bathroom scale that I have had the chance to review.  The Weight guru’s digital body fat scale with large backlit LCD and smartphone tracking from Greater Goods.

It has all the pros that I normally would look for in a average scale.  One of the main things is that it has to hold this “Big Boned” Body of mine.  This one does that, in fact it goes up to 400 lbs. 


The features on this scale are great! And it does everything it claims it will do!


The Weightless scale is the only scale specifically designed to encourage weight loss. The FREE Weight Gurus App tracks progress which encourages you to reach your goal. Our Weightless feature lets you manage your weight by how much you’ve lost instead of how much you weigh. With Weightless you decide how to view your weight – by the number (e.g. 173.4lbs) or weightlessly by weight change (e.g. -12lbs).


If desired, sync weight by simply scanning your scale’s display with your iPhone’s or Android’s camera. Store entries, view trends and chart progress. (Smartphone not required for basic scale use).


Auto Step-on (turns on automatically when weighing).

Auto Off.

Auto calibration.

Auto user detect (important for multi-user homes – e.g. husband/wife). Supports up to 8 users.

Non-slip, scratch resistant feet.

4 ultra-precision weighing sensors.

400lb capacity.

BIA Analysis for Body Fat, Lean Mass, Water Weight and Bone Mass. +/- .1 lb resolution.

Durable tempered glass construction.

Large weighing platform (150 sq inches).

Extra Large, Backlit LCD (4.3"). Kg / Lbs.

4 AAA batteries included.

Over all I am extremely happy with it.

This has given me something great in my journey of being a healthier me.  It is like a very honest friend.  It doesn’t always tell me what I want to hear, but shows me what I need to see.  It has helped me stay on track for sure. 

If you are looking for a new scale, then I suggest these.  You can find out more about on their Amazon page HERE


disclaimer:  I received a product in exchange for my honest opinion of it.   This post contains my opinions and may or may not differ from yours

Phytoceramides + Vitamin C Serum

Being a Blogger has comes with it’s own set of pro’s and con’s.  My favorite part is finding new products that I hadn’t heard of before and then sharing my experience with my readers.  I do hope that every now and then I help someone through one of my blog posts.  Learning, trying and sharing is my goal during the day, when it comes to my blog. 

I could write a blog post on nothing but the positives of being a review blogger.

On the other side of the coin, there is very few cons.  My top con would have to be having enough space to give all my new finds a home in my home. 

I have been doing a lot of reviews on health this year so far.  With that comes a lot of vitamins and all natural tablets.  John will ask me as I am opening packages, “did you get more vitamins today?”   I have to laugh. 

I am surprised I haven’t grown horns by now.  So far I have had good experiences with the items I have tried.  Most things have been all natural and something that I really need. At 43 years old the body isn’t as great as it was at 23.  I have to do what I can to make it feel and be better. 

This was the case when I got the chance to try Phytoceramides + Vitamin C Serum.


These all natural tablets was sent to me from Team Innovations. 

So what is a phytoceramide?  Ceremides are components that penetrate all 4 levels of our skin.  The phyto simply means that they extracted from sweet potatoes or rice instead of taken from animals as most ceremides are.  These have been around for a while..  They actually get into those skin layers and lock in moisture.  This helps us have healthier looking fuller skin.  They are also good for your hair.  Another thing they are doing is helping you produce collagen. 

In the research I did via the internet before taking this product, I have found there has been little to no side effects. 


I have been using the product myself for almost a month, and I have to say that I have not had any side effects from this at all.  Everyone is different and things effect them different ways.  If it would make you feel more comfortable, I would suggest taking the bottle to my doctor or even asking what their opinions is on you taking this item. 

The vitamin C Serum is just that.  It is a clear serum that you rub into your skin.  After about a week of use you will start to notice that your face is feeling a bit firmer then before. It is also suppose to decrease dark spots. 


While I may never be able and turn back time with this bottle as the company refers to as the “fountain of youth”.  I can do what I can to prevent this 43 year old face from aging too fast. 

I was happy with this combo.  You can read the reviews with more opinions on Amazon, and maybe purchase your own HERE  Right now they have them available for $39.95.  That is $99.00 worth of items at a 60% savings!

If you decide to purchase and try it out, please feel free to comment on this post and share your feelings on the product.  I really want to hear the good the bad and the ugly!

disclaimer:  I received a product before writing this post.  It was sent to me in exchange for my opinion of it.  All opinions contained in this post are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Yacon Syrup from simple Health

In my travels here on the WWW I came across a company called Simple Health.  This company was started by someone like you or me.  Someone that was into health and fitness.  Someone who seen all the claims out there for what was good and what was bad.  It does get confusing. 

She decided to research the good and the bad and eventually Simple Health was born.

When you visit their website you will find a lot of helpful information about different health issues, as well as be able to buy a couple of their products.  One of them being a product called Yacon Syrup.  I had never heard of a yacon before, so I looked it up.  The syrup is made from a yacon root which  grows natively in the Andes mountains in South America. This plant has been eaten and used for medicinal purposes for hundreds of years in South America.


Some of the health benefits supposedly brought to you via Yacon is:

Reduces constipation

Lowers blood sugar and improves cholesterol

increases immunity, increases brain function and decreases inflammation

Great for Weight loss

How does it taste?

I enjoyed adding mine to my coffee.  Just a small bit gave me enough sweetness to make it taste really good.  It is so much healthier to use this then the sugar substitute or sugar itself.


While I didn’t pour this straight on pancake or waffles it can be done.  If you go to the Recipe section the website you will see some really great recipes using this syrup.  Recipes like cookies and eggnog, even recipes for veggies.  You can see those recipes HERE

If you are interested in purchasing your own you can find it on Amazon HERE and be sure and visit them on facebook for the latest news and recipes

disclaimer:  I received a product in exchange for my opinion before writing this post.  All opinions contained in this post are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours

The Flex Belt will tone your Abs!

As you all know I have been really focusing on my health lately.  I will update later with how I am doing with my eating plan.  Today however I want to focus on something I was invited to try out.  I was really excited when I was asked to try out something called The Flex Belt.

What is it?

The Flex Belt is an Ab Toning System. In fact this is the first Ab Toning System that has been cleared by the FDA.  When you use it for only 30 minutes per day, you will start seeing effective changes!

If pictures are worth a 1,000 words, this video is worth 10,000+ words!  It explains what the flexbelt is and how to properly use it.

When first asked if I would be interested in reviewing it, I went to see exactly what it was at the website.  The first thing I noticed was all the celebrities that is backing this product up.  People like Denise Richards, Lisa Rinna, Adrianne Curry, Jerry Rice, Janet Evans…  This is just a few of the people that are endorsing the product.  It has been publicized in Marie Claire and Cosmopolitan.  It has also been endorsed by a top sport science expert, Dr. John Pocari.
I could go all day with the people that has endorsed it, but I won’t.  I think you get the picture.
Another thing that impressed me about the site is the fact that they had statistics. 
In  a 6 week clinical study

  • 100% users said that their abs felt more toned and firm. 
  • 92.3% said that they felt the firmness of their abdominal muscles increased

in an 8 week clinical study participants received

  • 72% increase in abdominal endurance
  • 49% in abdominal strength.

Numbers don’t lie! 
It also comes with a 60 day money back guarantee…
My experience with it…..
When I first received it the first thing I was interested in was the width of it.  I am a big gal and am used to things not quite reaching.  I was happy to see that there is a belt extender so they had bigger people in mind. 
Right now my daily exercise is working with a strength training machine 15 minutes a day 4-5 days a week and water aerobics anywhere from 90 minutes –120 minutes 7 days a week.  I feel that adding the flexbelt to that routine for 30 minutes a day is really going to help me out with toning up as I lose this unwanted fat. 
Your kit includes the following:
It is easy to put together and is rechargeable and I love that. 
There is an instruction manual available and then numerous videos available on the internet that will show you exactly how to use this.  Don’t start it out too fast or you may have sore abs.  Like any exercise program, start slow.
So far I happy with it and feel it will be something I keep using on my road to weight loss and toning.  I would recommend this to anyone trying to tone up.  It would be a great gift for the hard to buy for person.  Man or woman.  It doesn’t matter what shape you are in at the moment..  As I said and you can use the extender or as in the above graphic, if you have a waist over 44 inches the extender is available. 
While right now I am not ready to share personal pictures of me using the belt, I hope to update the post in the future with personal pictures as well as tell you how it is going with my personal results since starting using it.
disclosure:  I received a free flex belt to try out before writing this review.  I was in no way required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own and may differ from yours.  This post may also contain affilliate links.



disclaimer:  I received a free product before writing this post.  I was however NOT required to write a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Last month I was sent a product I have actually talked about in the past.  It is a product I have grown to really love more and more and they keep making it better with all the options out there to choose from.  This item I am talking about is the SodaStream


This time I was sent the Genesis edition in Black.  This machine is also available in red. 


what do I love about it? 

I hope I don’t come off too strong when I use that word.  I am just the type of person that has worked hard to try and always see the good in everything first and go from there.  With that said let me tell you all my positives.  Things that really pulls me towards this machine instead of buying regular cans of soda. 

1.  I like the fact that “I” control what I am putting in there.  I add the syrup and the carbonation and even the water. 

2.  Soda Stream has now a variety of options to choose from. Not only do they have regular drinks like Soda Flavors but they also have flavors such as Crystal light, kool aid, country time, Ocean Spray, Happy Hr Cocktail Mixers, and this is just naming a few.

3.  Their availability is amazing.  This machine isn’t something you are going to use once and then not be able to find the needed products for.  You can find all the items you need such as carbonation tanks and syrups at places such as Walmart, Meijer, Target, Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond.  For a complete list of retailers and to find a store near you look HERE.

4.  Carbonating Bottles ARE DISHWASHER SAFE!  I love that.  I have had several plastic items destroyed by my dishwasher.  The kit came with 1 bottle and I was able to purchase an extra one in case I wanted to keep more then one flavor on hand at a time. 

5.  You can take in your old carbonator tank to several retailers and they will exchange them for a full one and I think they will cost somewhere in the neighborhood around $14.99.  It is much cheaper that way then it is to buy a brand new tank. 

Remember February the 2nd (just a few more days) is the SuperBowl.  This would make your day a lot easier to have on hand so when your out stocking up on pizza, chips and hotwings, be sure and consider putting one of these in your cart


Don’t do the football thing?  That is okay!  Contrary to popular belief, a lot of people don’t!  Valentines day is also coming up.  As I have mentioned in my last couple postings.  I believe this would also be a great gift for anybody on your list!!!

Would you enjoy receiving  a soda stream as a gift?



Digital Blood Pressure Monitor

One thing that we all need to take seriously is our health.  I have had the unfortunate pleasure of dealing with something called High Blood Pressure, Hypertension.  I was lucky enough to lower mine by losing some weight, once I did I was able to stop the blood pressure pills the doctor wanted me to take.  while that was great, I am always still nervous it is going to get high again. 

I have told before I am sure, about my dad passing away from his heart at 42 yrs old, I lost a sister because of her heart when she was 43.  My mother has suffered from hypertension and just had a pacemaker put in a year ago.  Even my younger sister is dealing with her blood pressure and has been prescribed tablets for it. 

While mine is down at the moment, I was happy when I came across a blood pressure monitor from Ozeri.  There is some wonderful features that come along with this blood pressure monitor.


disclaimer:  I received an item in exchange for my opinion in this post.  This is 100% my opinion and I wasn’t required to write a positive review.  Always remember, my opinion is mine and may differ from yours.

  • New intelligent voice-guided feature alerts you to the proper positioning of your wrist for accurate blood pressure measurements.
  • Automatically provides an audible hypertension assessment via a new talking function (as well as a display on the LCD screen).
  • Portable, accurate, and simple-to-use with clinically proven technology, stores 180 blood pressure readings (90 x 2 users) with date and time recordings.
  • Automatic Irregular heartbeat (Arrhythmia) detection and Hypertension Indicator.
  • Push-button access to average blood pressure readings based on all readings in memory, AM versus PM readings, or the 3 most recent readings.

What I really liked about it was that it was small enough to take with me anywhere.  It fits on my wrist and I can carry it in my purse and take it wherever I go.  It is accurate, I tested it against my normal bp and it was accurate everytime.  I also liked the fact that it was easy to use, voice activated and it has a memory that lets me record each reading and keep a check on it. This is going to be not only perfect for myself, but anyone in my family that has to deal with keeping their bp in check.  I would recommend it to anyone.  Remember your special loved one on Christmas this year with a gift of health. 

You Can Have It All! Fitness Edition by Nadia Murdock

It is no secret that I have  struggled with my weight most of my life.  I have talked about that several times now.  I am always looking for the next best thing.  I know there is no miracle drug out there that is going to instantly transform me while I sleep.  It is going to take hard work and dedication on my part.  I will continue to use the different tools out there to help me reach my goals, but one thing I must work on the most, other then eating, is exercise.

At this point I am more worried about my health in general other then looking good in jeans.  I lost my Dad when he was only 42  because of his heart.  I lost my sister when she was 43 due to her heart.  My Mother just had a pacemaker put in.  A couple weeks ago my brother in law was put in the hospital because of his heart and now he is at home with a heart monitor on.  This is all scary to me.

That is why I was so inspired by a book I was recently sent by Nadia Murdock.  The book is called You Can Have it All: Fitness Edition.  what makes this book different then all the other books out there?  For me it was real. 


disclaimer:  I received a free copy of this book before writing this review.  I wasn’t required to write a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own.

Several books I have read goes too fast.  They are for people that is advanced in fitness and to be honest I get overwhelmed and lost.  In Nadia’s book she writes it with everyone in mind.  No matter what level you are! 

This book is very inspirational.  As  well as talking about fitness & working out, she also adds expert advice from trainers such as Bob Harper from “The Biggest Loser” & Alyeca Ungaro of “Real Pilates”.

what else will you find?

  • Motivational Quotes
  • how to steps
  • advice on how to overcome obstacles (I love this because life seems to always be throwing curveballs!)

This book seriously has inspired and motivated me.  I encourage you to “>check it out

Nadia has been there and knows what she is talking about.  She has always been passionate about fitness after experiencing her own dramatic fluctuations in weight loss and gain she wanted to share the ways
fitness has become an important part of her life. 

Not only has Nadia worked with fitness experts such as Bob Harper (A guy I would love to meet, I think haha),  renowned fitness instructor and author Marta Montenegro, Real Pilates’ Alyeca Ungaro, and Powerstrike’s Ilaria Montagnani.  She is also cofounder of cocoa zumba.  

Nadia also wrote for the  New York Fitness Examiner in 2008 and in the same year launched her Fashion PR company.

I have had the pleasure with working with Nadia on a few projects now and have found out that  She is a very sweet caring person and I am glad to have got to know her. 

I am also glad that I can share this book with you all.  So be sure and check it out! 

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