Crash course.

Thing’s that go bump In the……day?  Yes.  I said day.  What I am referring to is this:




Yes,  that’s my silver van Sad smile .   Yesterday I decided to go visit with my sister for a little while.  I was only about 3 houses from where she lives, when that blue truck there backs out into me.  It happened so fast!  Thankfully nobody was hurt.

Apparently the driver of the blue truck didn’t’ see me.  He claimed I was in his blind spot.  But him and his wife was very friendly.  I can’t say that much about the cop.  He wrote up the report.  Asked us if we were wearing seatbelts and how fast each of us was going.  The other driver claimed he was only going about 4 mph.  I was going around 20.  I am having trouble believing that he was only going 4 mph because when the truck hit me it pushed the van while I was trying to get out of the way, to the other side of the road.

According to the estimate at the garage there is $4,620.00 worth of damage to the van.  Insurance is sending their guy out to see it and take pictures and hopefully will cover that.


On the bright side:  while our van is being repaired, John gets to drive a 2012 dodge RaM 4×4




He is loving that.  I told him it was my anniversary gift to him (Dec. 8th is our anniversary).  I also told him he could only keep it a couple weeks, so not to get used to it.



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