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Swish Jr is a fun way to spend the day! - %%Shoppingwives%%

Swish Jr is a fun way to spend the day!

Do you remember family game nights?  I am not talking about games like Wii and Xbox.  I am talking about a game where you sit around the table and actually play.  Games like Old Maid, Go Fish. 

I was sent a game recently that I am excited to tell you about!  I know so many of you all have children of your own or in your lives.  This game will make it possible for you and these children to bring back family game night.  The game I am talking about it called “Swish Jr.”.  It is a game by a company called “ThinkFun” and it is made for ages 5 and up.  So yes, you can really have the whole family involved!

When I first received the game I was impressed with the look of the cards.  They aren’t your typical cheap paper cards.  These are well designed durable, plastic type cards.  The other thing I loved about them was that they were well designed, but see through!  Yes!  I am serious! 

They are well packaged and even included a baggy with a drawstring to store them in once you aren’t playing anymore.

While I was given a free game in exchange for writing this review, I was not required to give a positive review!  All opinions are my own.


The object of the game:

Collect card by making Swishes.  Collect the most cards to win the game.

Swish isn’t hard to play at all, it is more hard to explain haha.  It is a stacking game.  As I said the durable cards has images on them.  Some has outlines of arrows while another is a colored arrow.  You can have a 2 or 3 card swish.  I have an example of a 2 card one here.  It is easier to show then explain:

swish add

Set up:

Have a light colored surface to play on if possible.  It should also be a flat surface.  In this game the player with the birthday closest to the date is the dealer.  The dealer shuffles the cards and then lays them out 12 cards in 3 rows of 4.  This is going to be your game board. 

The rest of the cards are placed in a stack and becomes the draw pile. 


The dealer calls out GO

Players look at the board to find a swish. You are not allowed to touch the cards while looking for a swish!

The first person that sees a swish calls out “Swish”. At this point everyone stops looking for a swish.

The player that called Swish, selects the cards and layers them on top of one another.  After it is confirmed (by other players) that is a real swish.  After it has been determined to be a real swish players can lay these cards over in their score pile.

The player that scored reaches in the draw pile and replaces the cards she/he just took.  There should always be 12 cards to form a board.

The same steps repeat until someone sees a new switch. 

This goes on until the draw pile is empty.

The players each count how many cards they have and the one with the most is the winner.

what I think

I love the whole concept of this game.  It teaches so many things while everyone is having fun at the same time.  Counting, colors, matching.  The cards are easy to clean up.  If someone knocks a drink over on them they aren’t ruined.  If messy fingers get them greasy you can wipe them off with a  cloth. 

Think fun is one of my new favorite companies to find things for my niece and nephew.  They put a lot of thinking into their products.  That is apparent. 

Thank You Think Fun for sending me and my family a tool that provides hours of fun and learning! 

While I was given a free game in exchange for writing this review, I was not required to give a positive review!  All opinions are my own.


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