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Surpahs Sense-ON Multifunction Digital Bathroom Scale - %%Shoppingwives%%

Surpahs Sense-ON Multifunction Digital Bathroom Scale

I have been talking about a lot of health related items lately.  Mainly because that is what is going on in my world.  Everything is centered around trying to be healthy.  I have talked about foods and kitchen accessories, tablets and jump ropes.  There is however something else that I need to tell you about, that I haven’t covered yet.

It is about a good set of scales.  Not kitchen scales.  But Bathroom scales.  Not so we can obsess over the number daily, but so that we can see our progress.  It is always so motivating to see some kind of change in that number.  That number can make us or break us.  It can make us keep on keeping on, and then again it may just keep us accountable for that 2nd helping of our favorite food.

I keep them around the house, just to remind me of what I am looking for.  I like to have them in all my bathrooms.  One of my top 3 sets would have to be the scales I received from a place called Surpahs.

surpah scale

Not only are they an attractive set, but they have a lot of pro’s that go along with them.

My favorite.  I don’t receive an error message when standing on it..  This weight capacity goes up to almost 400 lbs.

It doesn’t just give you your weight though.  That is not always as important as the other measures.  This also measures Body Fat, BMI, Body water, Muscle Mass and Bone Mass.  I have always heard that muscle weighs more then fat.  So sometimes when we are working out we are gaining muscle and losing fat.  When this happens our numbers on the scale may go up instead of down.  Since this has these extra features, we don’t have to stress out when we see the number going in the wrong direction.  We can just rejoice in our progress and learn from our set backs.

With this scale you are also able to weight up to 8 users.  So you and the rest of your family can record your progresses. 

When I seen the high amount of memory it had I was thinking that this would be PERFECT for small weight loss groups to use..  Grab 7 friends and buy one of these together and then get together weekly for a challenge of some kind.. Make it fun and keep yourself motivated.  Maybe the winner at the end of a set time could win the scale?  Just thinking out loud here!


All in all I am very happy with this scale.  From all the above that I have stated, from the appearance of it down to just the size of it.  While our health is priceless, this is only $36.98 and I feel would be worth every penny.  Especially with all that it can do. 

To find out more or purchase your own from Amazon go HERE

disclaimer:  I received an item in exchange for my opinion before writing this post.  All opinions in this post is 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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