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Sugar N Spice Vox Box

Influenster recenty selected me to review their sugar n spice Vox Box.



As you can see from the picture, they were very generous to me.  Inside was the following  items:

  1. 8 oz bottle of Colgate Optic white mouthwash
  2. soft 360 optic white toothbrush
  3. 4 oz tube of Colgate Optic white sparkling mint toothpaste
  4. 4 Belvita cinnamon brown sugar breakfast biscuits
  5. 6.5 oz bottle of Vaseline Spray & go Moisturizer
  6. a box of Dickinson’s oil controlling towelettes (20 per carton)
  7. A 40 pack box of Splenda Nectresse  no calorie sweetner
  8. Apple Iphone scratch that, I dropped mine in the box by mistake, would’ve been nice though right? haha

Seriously though I was happy with the products that was sent my way.  Let is start with the Colgate. 



All 3 items are $2.99 a piece!  I think that is very affordable for most peoples budget.  Your teeths health is worth it right?  It is also cheaper then a dentist.  The toothbrush first off looked really cool to me, it also has these little round things called whitening cups.  They are little round cup shaped things on the bristles that actually hold in the toothpaste.  They also have polishing bristles which help to whiten teeth basically by getting rid of surface stains.  The last thing this toothbrush offers is a cheek and tongue cleaner.  This erases all signs of Bart’s cookies aways haha, seriously though, the cheek and tongue cleaner wipes out bacteria which causes odor.   All in all I am no toothbrush expert.  I know I like everything this brush offers and claims to do.  I like the way it looks.  I like the way it feels.  I like the price.

The Colgate Optic White Mouthwash $2.99 actually protects against future stains, reaches hard to reach places,kills bad breath germs and my favorite is safe on your enamel.  My take on this.  It tastes good but when you first put it in it is going to burn your mouth!  It is worth it though IMHO.  It is safe for children 12 years and older.  It only takes a minute of your day to rinse with about 3 teaspoons of this. I always pour it out in the cap and swish away.

The Colgate ToothPaste is just as good as the other 2 items I was sent.  At $2.99  it claims to give you whiter teeth in 1 week.  it has a whitening impact on teeth.  It doesn’t taste bad at all.  it does burn a little at first.   With all 3 of these items I felt more confident talking to ppl.  my mouth felt so clean!  $9.00 for all 3 items or the dentist.  I think I will pick the Colgate! 



I hadn’t ever heard of the belVita cookie before,  it was worth hearing about.  I loved the taste of the brown sugar and cinnamon.  I also loved the fact that it was Nutritious.  1 pack is only 230 calories and it is very filling.  It also goes well with coffee.  I know I am not able to eat a lot early in the morning and these would be the perfect thing to grab to give me a little bit of energy.  They would also be great on the go.  You can buy a 5 pack box (4 in a pack) for only $3.69.  That’s a lot cheaper then sausage biscuits and a lot better for you.

I really LOVED the splenda nectresse.  I rarely use real sugar in my drinks.  I can’t say I buy Splenda all the time.  I depends on where I am and the price.  I get sweet and low and sometimes Kroger brand.  I have bought it in the past though.  I was however excited to see that I can buy 40 packs of this for only $3.69.  This is very suitable for people with diabetes.  It is all natural (100%) and made from Monk Fruit.  You can also buy a 5.9 oz container for $6.99. That would be great for people that likes to bake.



When I seen the Dickinsons and witch hazel I thought eww these are going to stink.  To my surprise it wasn’t all that bad.  You get 20 of them in a carton for only $5.99.  they are really great for your skin.  This is a combination of with hazel and aloe so when you rub your face, it actually rejuvenates your skin.  They clean the dirt from your pores and are really good on sensitive skin.  I never had any break out because of them personally. 


Last but not least was my Spray & Go moisturizer from Vaseline!  $7.99 for a 6 oz can.  This moisturizer does what it claims.  It isn’t greasy at all.  You spray it on and skin is moisturized.  No wait for drying time.  I know this is good when you are putting on pants and you don’t want to pull them on over wet legs.  Is it worth $7.99, you be the judge of that!  I probably wouldn’t pay it myself. 


I really enjoyed reviewing this VoxBox and would like to thank Influenster for sending it to me.  I have found some new items that I will probably purchase from time to time.


Have you ever tried any of these products?

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