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Stain solutions! - %%Shoppingwives%%

Stain solutions!

You are dressed in your best and are out for the night with your loved ones.  Everything is perfect until your wine glass tips over, you drop salsa on your white blouse.  You come back home and light the candles, you are sitting in front of the fire with your significant other.  The world is perfect.  The next morning you wake up only to find that perfect candle lit moment caused candle wax to spill out of the holder onto your favorite tablecloth.

Okay, Life can’t always be perfect.  But there is never problems.  Only solutions.  Here is a few tips for some of those not so perfect moments!


Candle wax on tablecloth:  Remove table cloth and put it in your freezer (this is for hot wax) when wax hardens put it off or chip it away with a butter knife.  If there is residue or dye left use a spot remover and put in laundry.  If tablecloth is not washable this might require a drycleaner. 


Water Ring on coffee table:  1. place a towel over stain and blot to remove moisture. 2.  When it’s dry use a spatula of fat free mayonnaise.  Leave this on over night.  3. next day wipe mayo off with a clean cloth.  Try and do this early on with water marks… Sometimes after so long it just won’t work Sad smile


mud in your carpet:  let mud dry.  Then use stiff brush to break up dirt.  Vaccum then use a stain remover.


Red wine stain in sofa:  try and get the stain when it’s wet.  Blot it (not wipe) with dry cloth.  mix something like OXICLEAN with warm water.  apply mixture to stain with a sponge.  Blot with a white cloth.


Clothing Stains: 

Oil stains …sprinkle cornstarch or baby powder on the stain.  Wash in the hottest water possible.

chocolate stains:  scrape off chocolate.  From the back put cold water or club soda on the stain.  when you wash it us a stain remover, let it set for a few then wash.

cranberry sauce:  scrape off and put cold water to remove sugar, mix a tablespoon of white vinegar with a 1/2 a teaspoon of liquid detergent in a quart of cold water.  Soak stain for at least 15 minutes then rinse.. Rub some rubbing alcohol on it and the wash as normal.


Lipstick:  put a piece of masking tape on the stain.  tear off and put powder over it to asorb residue.  apply stain remover and then some mild liquid detergent.  wash.


tomato sauce:  cold water, dish detergent. soak for about an hr in 1/4 cup of detergent and cold water…wash.


blood stains:  soak in peroxide and then wash


Do you have some helpful hints for stains?  A product that works?  Please share! I am dying to hear them!


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