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Could this be a solution for your barking dog?

Could this be a solution for your barking dog?


How many adjectives would you use to describe your dog?  Would they be good like:  sweet, cute, smart.  Would they be not so sweet like: Bossy, know it all, dumb or would they be scary like:  Mean, Biter, hard headed.  Most of us could take a bit of the sweet, not so sweet and the scary all to describe our dogs.  Because in fact, each one has their own personality.  They have their good points and their bad.

Like people work on their addictions and weaknesses and learns to fit into society.  Our dogs need to do the same. I guess this is where a different protocol is in order.  Most of the time. 

We are learn differently.  While there is several things we can do to socialize a dog and have a well behaved one at that, there is some things we have to do different with a dog.  No matter how much our beloved canines feel like family to us.  We have to find out what works and go from there.

As a dog owner for most of my life, I have had easy dogs and then I have had not so easy dogs.

cleos tongue pics

With Foxy & Cleo there is never a dull moment.  Cleo is much tamer in the house and has never really been a problem.  Foxy however has so much life and energy that he can sometimes pull the puppy back out in Cleo and really have her busy.  I love seeing this.  I love the days with them.  I don’t care that they stare me down when I eat and I have to show them my hands when I am done.  I don’t mind they shed around the house or how they pick the best part in a television program to let us know they need to go for a walk. 

There is one thing that bothers me.  And they both have this problem.  This problem is their barking.  I don’t mind a dog that’s vocal.  But the part that bothers me is their barking at a leaf blowing across the yard.  The UPS man that drives up.  I love to be warned when someone is around, but I don’t love when they see me talking to that someone and I tell them it’s okay and they still stand and bark.

So how do you break your dog from barking?

I didn’t like shock collars.  I know talking to our trainer in the past that some dogs need this type of training, but only from people that know how to train them properly.  While we pretty much understood shock collars, it was a route I didn’t want to take. 

Until I learned about a different type of collar. 


This one has a small static shock.  You don’t control it.  The dog does.  When the dog barks it gives a few warning beeps.  Once the dog hears that they will learn to not bark anymore.  After several warnings and the dog keeps barking they will receive a small static shock.

The Bark Control Elite automatic collar  uses a digital microchip sensor.  The digital microchip sensor is different then the automatic collar how?  Simple.  The automatic ones is prone to setting off false alarms.  We don’t want to scare our babies when they aren’t doing anything right?  This one isn’t as likely to go off due to loud noises or even the dog snoring.

Foxy was our tester on this.  He wore it for a while and I was nervous the whole time.  I didn’t want to hurt him.  While I didn’t notice any difference in him, when I took it off he “yelled at me good”.  Bit the collar or tried.  The next time we put it on him, same result.  After about a week if he barked all we had to say was “do you want us to put the collar on you?”  He would calm down.  While he wasn’t being hurt with the collar, he didn’t like it and the end result is a lot less barking.  Our goal is to teach him not to bark without the collar and I think this is the trick we needed.

The collar itself is made out of nice material.  It is waterproof so it doesn’t hurt to take the dog out in it on rainy days.  It is adjustable and has 3 settings.  From timid to stubborn.  It also has an on off button. 

It does use a lithium ion battery that is included.  This battery should last you 6-18 months.. It depends how often you use it really.

It is available on Amazon.  My suggestion to anyone considering this collar is they read the reviews.  Ask questions from people that has tried it.  Reach out to the company.  Research and do what’s safe for your dog.

foxy and cleo 1

Disclaimer:  I received the product discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased honest experience with it.  My experience with the product has been my own and may or may not differ from yours.


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