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disclosure:  I was given a pair of socks and a t-shirt in exchange for my own opinion given in this post.  I wasn’t required to give a positive review.

Raise your hand if there is a man in your life that you love and adore, but at the same time get annoyed when it comes to shopping for them?  I can raise my hand on this one for sure!

The men in my life are my husband, brother, Brother-in-law,nephew & Stepfather.  Every holiday I am mindlessly walking around fighting the crowds, trying to find the perfect gift. 

I think I may have solved that problem though.  Personally my husband is always complaining about socks!  I can wash them and put them where they go but for some reason every load of laundry leaves a pair or two missing. 

Then I came across a site and as I read this quote, bells went off in my head.

Black Socks Make your life easier, Black socks are delivered right to your door

What an amazing concept this is!  I read on.
I wanted to read about what a sockscription was and how it came to be.  I found out an interesting story!  This all came about due to a Japanese tea party.  A man rushes home from a busy day to get ready for a business meeting.  He grabs what he “thought” was 2 black socks out of his drawer and then races to the Japanese restaurant to meet his Japanese clients.  His future depended on this meeting, he wanted to impress. 
As a custom you are supposed to remove your shoes when you go in a Japanese tea house.  Can you guess what happened?  Yes.  The embarrassment of not only the socks not matching but his big toe was sticking out of one, where the fabric was thin and torn.  He was embarrassed but because of all this the “Sockscription” was born.  Read the full story about the Sockscription here
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Fun story right?  But here is the number one question.  Are they quality socks?  I was sent one pair of the socks for my husband to try.  Anybody that knows John, knows that he is OCD ADD and all those other letters combined.  I was expecting some negative comment.  What did he think?  He LOVED them.  They are soft and really are great quality socks.  They fit perfect.  He has rather long feet so I was scared that the sizes might run small.  That wasn’t the case.  They have sizes up to 3x and I loved that fact.
All of these socks are made from Italy and made out of the finest quality of materials. 
Just a couple quick notes.  Black socks carries other colors in socks.  Blue, emerald, brown.  They also carry different styles.  As well as socks you can also purchase t-shirts and underwear.  We were also sent a t-shirt and it was great quality as well.
Sockscriptions is done in a few easy steps:
  1. Select the item you want and how often you want them. For example 3 pairs 3 times a yr. 
  2. Press the add to cart button, submit your order
  3. In 10-14 days your socks will show up at your door
  4. 4 months later 3 more shows up at your door
  5. 4 more months 3 more prs!
  6. at 11 months they will email you asking if you want to continue your sockscription
  7. 12 months the cycle will begin again if you choose to do so

As a wife what do I take from this?

  1. A happy husband makes a happy wife
  2. I have a gift for every man in my life
  3. The socks are all the same so I don’t have to try and match them up.  I pull them out of the dryer.  Pair them up and on to do fun stuff!

There is lots more reasons but those are my top 3.

To learn more about Visit their social media sites:




disclosure:  I was given a pair of socks and a t-shirt in exchange for my own opinion given in this post.  I wasn’t required to give a positive review.

Do you have someone in your life to give a sockscription to?

Remember, Fathers day is coming up soon!

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