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Smurfs 2 at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Smurfs 2 at Build-A-Bear Workshop!

Have you heard the news?  There is going to be a new Smurfs movie out soon!  It is Smurfs 2 and it is going to be so cute!  I was out at the movies yesterday, taking my niece and nephew to see Monsters University, and was able to see the preview for it.  There is going to be several new characters introduced in this movie.  In fact they are going to be kind of like little trouble makers and try and turn our sweet little smurfette bad.  Yes, Gargamel is totally behind this all. 

Now you want to know a secret? 

I already knew that the Smurfs 2 would be out soon.  How did I know?  Because of Build a Bear Workshop!  Seriously.  They launched a whole line of Smurfs in honor of the upcoming movie.


disclaimer:  I received a free item before writing this review.  I was required to write a positive review and all opinions are 100% my own.

Yes they have our Papa Smurf and Smurfette.  But they also have the 2 new characters:  Vexy and Hackus. It was hard for me to choose (as usual) but when Build a Bear told me to choose one I had to decide.  I ended up picking Smurfette.  But not our regular Smurfette.  This one is called Slumberin’ Smurfette she has the cutest pajama’s on. 


I was impressed with details on Smurfette when I received it. It looks identical to the Smurfette in the movie.  The size is perfectly huggable.  The pjs. are so cute.  They have a picture of Smurfette and Vexy standing in front of the Eiffel tower.  With this there was also a clothes hanger and birth certificate.  If I remember right, this movie comes to theaters on July 31st.  That will give you plenty of time to order a Smurf for your little one from the site or go to your local build a bear and see if they have them in stock.

  I love smurfs.  I always have.  Since the first time I seen them on tv I was hooked.  I can remember waking up at 6 and 7 am on a Saturday morning just so I would be awake to watch the Smurfs on tv.  It excited me to hear that lalalala theme song on the screen.  I was obsessed.  I wanted everything Smurf.  I remember having several toys.  The coolest was one I got for my birthday.  It was a mushroom with a smurf on the side.  When you wound it up the Smurf would fly around the mushroom.  There was several things I had but that one sticks out.  That and Smurf Berry cereal.

It is great to know that a simple movie can bring back some awesome memories of being young.  It also is even greater that there is places like Build a Bear Workshop that offers items like these so we can bring a piece of that memory home with us.

I will be passing this gorgeous gal on to my niece, Makayla.  I had given her brother Elijah Spongebob which is also from Build a bear.  You can read about SpongeBob HERE

I would like to give Build A Bear a Big Thank You for allowing me to share some of their newest collections with all you great people here at Shopping Wives!  And for giving this Shopping Wife a trip down memory lane. 

Isn’t she adorable?

photo (1)

Yes Smurfs do have tails!

photo (2)

Do you have a favorite smurf?


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