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small things can make a BIG difference - %%Shoppingwives%%

small things can make a BIG difference

I am and have always been the type of person that wanted to help someone.  For as long as I can remember, I have been a people pleaser.  Other peoples happiness was always before my own.  It affected me when I seen someone down or without and I would do what I could to see if I could make a difference.

I can remember as early as fourth grade.  Another girl in my class didn’t have money for the bake sale.  My mom had give me money to buy something for myself.  Although I was very shy, I remember going up giving the little girl half my money and enjoyed watching her go buy her own treat.  I don’t remember her even thanking me, the look on her face was thanks enough.

As I have gotten older I still like to make a difference.  Donating when I can, helping people out.  Now I realize that there is other small ways I can make a difference.  So many people are making things so close to home and selling them.  That’s when it came to me.  Why not buy locally when possible.


This is a sponsored post for which I was compensated to write. However, the opinions and views I have expressed are my 100% my own

What a difference we can make in the world when we buy products that are manufactured close to home, items that are recycled.  For example there is a messenger bag called  waste zero, by RickShaw Bags.  It is made specially designed to optimize cutting and eliminate material waste,” and additionally, the bag is made locally in San Francisco with domestically sourced fabrics. It’s also made from 100 percent nylon, so when the day comes, it’s entirely recyclable!


Here is who RickShaw Bags are

Have you ever considered Manufacturing your own work?  I am not a craftsy person but I still like to help when I can.  Maybe your way of providing would to be figuring out how to manufacture locally, like Rickshaw Bags.  At inc.com they say: We all know sustainable manufacturing is good for show. Here’s how we make it work for the bottom line.” and they proceed to give tips on how to build a substantial business.
Another great article to read is Make what you sell, A new breed of manufacturers.
Are you intrigued yet?  Maybe motivated to start making a difference?  Let me show you one more video of how they come up with the commuter 2.1 laptop briefcase at Rickshaw Bags
The Commuter 2.1 Laptop Briefcase from Rickshaw Bagworks on Vimeo.
We can all make a difference.  It doesn’t matter if we own our own business or if we are just consumers.  At this time of the year we are faced with a lot of buying.  The next time you purchase something for that big dinner your making, maybe  purchase your fruits and vegetables from your local farmers market.  Instead of buying a packaged dessert from the grocery shelf, consider buying one from the local lady on your road.

We can all make a difference, small steps daily can mean a lot. 


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