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Skin Within Skin Care Challenge

Skin Within Skin Care Challenge

In this busy thing called life, it isn’t always easy to follow a specific routine.  I can just about guarantee on the day I plan to have a “Me Day” to pamper myself, something else comes up and I put it off. 

This month I was able to participate in something that was good for myself and it didn’t take a lot of time.  I was able to handle the curveballs life threw at me and be good to my skin all at the same time.

Want to know the secret?  I am holding it here in my hand:


disclaimer:  I received products before participating in this challenge.  I was not told what to say in this review nor was I required to give a positive review.  All opinions are 100% my own

I was invited to join a Skin WithIn Skin Care Challenge, and I gladly accepted!  Skin Within is from a company called TWINLAB.  The key ingredient in this is astaxanthin, a carotenoid similar in structure to beta carotene that has significant antioxidant activity.  This key ingredient has been proven in just 6 weeks to:

     • significantly reduce fine lines and wrinkles*

     •improve the moisture content of dry skin*

     •significantly improve skin elasticity*

     •help reduce oxidative stress*


My Experience with it. 

I have never been great at taking any kind of tablets or pills.  Especially when I had to take them more then once a day.  I was glad to see that with skin within I only had to take it once a day.  I decided I would take mine right before bed and was able to swallow the one small black capsule once a day.  I put the bottle on my night stand where I would see them first thing. 

I had no side effects.  No itching, no nervous feeling.  Nothing out of the ordinary.

As I took the tablets I  didn’t notice a huge change all at once.  However as the days went on I noticed small changes.  One thing I have always had a problem with is my face breaking out bad when I worked up a sweat.  I began noticing that that had stopped. 

I have always tried to ignore the lines in my face.  I know they are slowly showing up no matter how long I try to ignore them.  I believe this product does what it says about improving the skins elasticity. When I squeeze my arm it doesn’t leave a piece of skin hanging up (I know gross right?)  but true! 

I really believe that Skin Within has improved the overall appearance of my skin since I have been taking them.  This is one item I would recommend to all my readers.  If you feel you deserve to do something for yourself, then this is it. 


What have you done for yourself in the past 30 days?

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