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Sink Magic

How many of you like to do dishes?   If I was you I wouldn’t be raising my hand.  That  is just me thought.  I will admit I normally throw the dishes in the washer and let them go.  I do have my times though that I decide to hand wash. 

Now here is the million dollar question.  “Do you believe in magic?”  Huh?  What does magic have to do with dishes?  Believe me,  I have not totally lost it, I am going somewhere with this.  I was recently given some magic to help with my dishes!   It is called “Sink Magic”. 

what is sink magic? 

Simple, It is a portable water diverter!  It can also save you time by allowing you to soak dirty dishes easier.  There is actually a term used to describe the process, it is called “Segmental dishwashing”.  That just means you can let dishes soak and go back to them in 3 to 5 minutes and you never lose your place.  Sink Magic will not let you sink overflow so you can keep the water running and it will stay warm.  Best part is you can do an hours work in 20 minutes. 

Let me show you what it is I am talking about so you can have a better understanding of it.

This is how it looks when it comes out of the box (note: there is 2 bands in there not pictured)

2013-03-21 23.30.54

It is really simple to put together,  A child could do it!

2013-03-21 23.31.46


Next you want to be sure and wet the rubber before you stick it in your drain hole.

2013-03-21 23.36.44

*note, the first few times you use this product it is going to be hard to fit right, like a lot of things you have to break them in to actually get it to work (like shoes)*

Be sure and press this down as the water starts filling in the sink. 

2013-03-21 23.41.272013-03-21 23.41.50

You can let the water run, it will NOT flow over!  It will go through the holes and slowly go through the drain.

2013-03-21 23.42.38

To see sink magic at work check out all the videos HERE

To find out more about Sink Magic be sure and visit their website.  Follow them on Facebook

Do you handwash your dishes?

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