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Simply Eartha - Don't Panic Bracelet

Simply Eartha – Don’t Panic Bracelet

I have spent the past few days visiting my family in Mississippi.  Sadly John wasn’t able to make the trip with me.  With all the violence and crime going on in the world, I was almost afraid to fly.  I had a couple choices.  Hide out at home and be scared, or live life to the fullest while I can and see what happens.

Being a nervous person I tend to worry.  I sometimes have to remind myself, “It’s alright” or better yet “Don’t Panic”.

In order to remind myself of this, this trip I just had to look at my right arm.  On my wrist I am wearing a bracelet.  Inscribed on this bracelet is the words, Don’t Panic”.


This bracelet from Simply Eartha is a 18 k gold and nickel free.  The band is made out of an adjustable cord.  It feels nice and looks nice and more importantly, it gives me the message I need to see when times are rough.

he Simply Eartha jewelry line, the latest category of products under the Simply Eartha brand established by Kitt Shapiro, honoring her legendary mother, Eartha Kitt, has numerous new styles and Kittism fashion statements.
The jewelry line, a collection of over 50 different styles of bracelets and necklaces, are part of the Simply Eartha brand of home and lifestyle ‘accessories that say something’. The Simply Eartha brand embodies the international celebrity’s organic lifestyle and often features her favorite philosophical words and phrases (Kittisms). Simply Eartha jewelry (starting at $37) comes in corded or beaded varieties and sterling silver plated and 18k gold plated varieties. A full array of colors and styles are offered with and without Kittism sayings with dozens of selections available as adjustable bracelets, bangles, and dangling necklaces. 

The Don’t Panic bracelets are the cornerstone of the line and the item we will use to start the conversation and awareness of the jewelry line.

About the brand:

The Simply Eartha brand, established by Shapiro as a tribute to her mother and a sharing of empowering messages, started with the launch of home décor items that utilize the images, handwritings and wisdom of Eartha Kitt. The Simply Eartha jewelry continues the brand that offers environmentally friendly practices in producing 100% made in the U.S.A. products with personal connections.

“Eartha was my Mom’s given name and she was way ahead of her time living a ‘green’ lifestyle before it was chic.  She recycled everything and had organic fruit and vegetable gardens throughout her entire life. It was how I grew up and what I was always taught,” Shapiro explains. “As one of the first internationally famous women of color, she taught me to embrace every unique characteristic about myself and told me that was what made me special. The jewelry featuring the Kittism, ‘My Flaws Make Me Who I Am,’ is one of my favorites.”

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