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Kid’s Pretend Play Tool Set 23 Pieces

Are you into DIY?  If so, then you probably have a little on following somewhere behind you in your footsteps.  For the tiny and upcoming future Do it yourselfers, there is a set from click and play that they will love!

This is a 23 piece tool set.  In this set you will find the following:


Drill (that really makes sounds with AA batteries)

  • Saw
  • Hammer
  • Tape measure
  • wrench
  • Ratchet
  • plier
  • tool belt
  • Screwdrivers
  • nuts
  • bolts

The quality of this set is very impressive.  I believe it will last a long time.  In fact it is made with high quality reinforced plastic.  It is also environmental and kid safe as well as USA standard requirements.

I do love the vibrant colors as well as the realistic silver colors that is the nuts and bolts as well as the screws.  Who knows – you may have a little Tim the Toolman/woman on your hands!  Do you remember that show? 

This is made from the same place that sent me the doctor kit that I spoke about the other day.  Both of these are very gift worthy.  In fact, Christmas morning, My nephew is going to find both of these items under his tree!


This set is available on Amazon for under $20.00.  I think that is a very great price.  I have seen it up close and personal and would have thought it would have been more then that. 

Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in exchange for my unbiased opinion of it.


Kid’s Pretend Play Doctor Set 15 Pieces


When my younger Sister and I were growing up, She had a toy Dr. Kit.  In her little hard plastic beige looking case was all she needed to make a proper diagnoses of the willing and unwilling patients.  The stethoscope that she could really hear through was nice.  The pill bottle was no problem.  The blood pressure cuff was cute, as was the otoscope she used to look in our ears.  The one thing that wasn’t so great about this vintage Fischer price kit was the needle.  While It was harmless, I didn’t like it.  That is why she had fun chasing me with it daily. 

Now that kit is retro/vintage and gone on somewhere else.  I am sure she would love to have it back now since she has kids.  While I couldn’t send her kids the exact one their mom has.  I have found another kit.  This set is from Click n’ Play.  It is a 15 piece doctor kit.  This modern kit includes that famous needle that will let karma take it’s course.  It also has a few other things that the vintage one didn’t.  Things like a cell phone that makes realistic sounds.  After all what Doctor doesn’t own a cell phone in 2015? 

dr kit

The stethoscope also makes realistic sounds.  You will need 2 AA batteries for the cell phone – but the batteries are included for the stethoscope.  The kit also includes a blood pressure cuff, thermometer, syringe, ear examination tools, 4 bandages, and more

This case is sturdy and is perfect for your little ones to make house calls with. 

While I am a sentimental person and like to think back to yesteryears and the things that came along with those days.  I also enjoy seeing change and things evolving.  I think that this is a super modernized idea for a toy and one that any child with an imagination is going to love.

The best part?  it is available on Amazon!  Only $16.99 & Free shipping.  I think this would make an awesome budget friendly Christmas present.

What do you think????

disclaimer:  This was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it with you.

Printable Modern Wall Art

I have moved around a lot in my lifetime.  I think at one point I added up that by the time I was 18 I had lived in at least 10 homes, all for various reasons.  One thing that all these homes had in common was they was well decorated.  My Mom wasn’t one to keep her walls bare.  She would proudly hang up the art she had collected and even painted from home to home.  That was something that carried over with me, into my adulthood.


I do know that decorating can get costly.  But it really doesn’t have to.  While I do love to frame family pictures and hang them, and I have been to a few Home Interior parties,  the favorite art on my walls now, is the ones my husband and I have chosen together.  Not the expensive ones, but ones we have found at thrift stores and yard sales.  The ones that show a bit of our personalities.  We surround ourselves with art that means something to us.  A pattern, theme or color scheme went out the window a long time ago with us.  Walk into our home and you might think you are walking into a cracker barrel or museum (almost, I may be exaggrating- or am I?)


One thing John loves to find is pictures people has painted.  Hand painted pictures have meaning and we like that.  We also enjoy supporting smaller business.  Starving artists and anybody that puts their heart and souls in their artistry. 

Now in todays Modern age, you can decorate your home for $5.00.  All you need is a printer.  For example, Printable Modern Wall Art.  Melinda Wood Designs has designs in her Etsy shop for $5.00.  You choose the print you like.  Order it and receive an email with your design. 

Once you receive your email you can print out anything from a 4×6 up to a 11×14.  If you don’t have a printer you can send it to a online print store or a local printer shop. 


I think this is a super idea for people on a budget.  Frames can be found super cheap.  If not at your local dollar store, then maybe a local thrift store.  Once you buy the design you can print it out once or 10 times in various sizes.  This is a great gift for people at the work place, in your family, etc. 

Disclaimer:  I had a chance to review some of the art from this site in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.


Amazing Purchases That Will Enhance Your Life

It’s important to make purchases that you think will enhance your life. These will generally be things that look good and make you feel good. But they will also serve a purpose as well. When it comes to enhancing your life, these are some of the best purchases you could make.


As women, it’s important for us to take care of ourselves, and make sure we look great. And one of the most important tools we can use to do this is a wall mirror. Sure, there will be a mirror in the bathroom. But, you need to check out decorative mirrors for the bedroom and other rooms too. These will allow you to keep yourself looking great and get your makeup and hair sorted in your room. There’s nothing worse than having to keep going back and forth to the bathroom every few minutes. Mirrors are essential, yet it’s strange how many people are strangely lacking them in their homes.


Party Dress

Isn’t it just the worst when you keep getting invited to parties but have nothing to wear?! Well, that’s why you need to find the perfect party dress. Picking the ultimate dress allows you to have one outfit that is perfect for any party occasion. You’ll look amazing, and you won’t have to worry about changing outfits for every party unless it’s themed.


Think about how annoying it is when you want to make smoothies, but you can’t. Going to the smoothie bar is fine, but that can be expensive. So, why not consider getting yourself a blender? That way you can make as many smoothies as you like whenever you like. The great thing about a blender is that it allows you to liquidise everything. This makes it easier and healthier to consume. So, by getting one, you’re becoming healthier and more efficient at the same time.

Exercise Bike

The ultimate dream would be to be able to get a gym work out without having to go to the gym. Well, that is actually more achievable than you might have first thought. You see, if you buy an exercise bike, you essentially create yourself a mini gym at home. You can use the bike for a strict weight loss and exercise regime. And you can do it all from the bedroom, living room, or spare room. You can keep fit and healthy and enhance your life as a result of this purchase.


Hot Tub

Everyone would love to have a hot tub on their property. Think about all the fun you could have with one of these. For starters, it provides an amazing opportunity for relaxation and stress relief. But, you also have to remember that it’s a social goldmine as well. When you buy a hot tub, you should really consider throwing a hot tub party. Make sure you have planned out all the space and cost of getting a hot tub installed. There aren’t many ways of enriching your life that are better than buying a hot tub!


Don’t be afraid to treat yourself, and make changes that you think will improve your life. With so much stress involved in your daily life, you deserve to make some things about you. That’s why you need to make purchases that will enhance and enrich your life. These will be things that can provide fun and entertainment, as well as making elements of your life easier.

Brilliant Ways To Unveil The New You

It’s all about you and today it really is. One of the great things about this time of year is the chance to think about the new you. It is a time to think about the changes you’d like to make. It’s time for you to draw up a list of the things you can do to make yourself look and feel better.

There’s so much on offer at the moment, and you can take advantage of the season. Not only is the perfect time to shop for others, but you can make your own list of all the things you aspire to.

Change might start on the inside, but it’s reflected on the outside. It’s time to sparkle and make some shopping magic happen.


Let the fun begin.

It’s time to make a plan. Indulge in a magic moment or two and see yourself as you really want to be. Imagine yourself at home, perhaps in your bedroom with a range of cool outfits to try on. Take your imaginary picture a little further. See yourself adorned with some great accessories, some tasteful or colorful jewelry.

This is your picture so feel free to indulge. Maybe a ring, or two? How about a whole nail care routine and some vibrant colours? One quick flourish in the mirror and slip into those killer heels or whatever you like and make your way out. You look amazing!

Or maybe you imagine yourself in a cosy moment, all ready to shut the door and chill out in your space. However you see yourself make a list of all those things you already have that could help, but here comes the fun part. Make a list of what you need to get the new you.

Your shopping starts with discountrue and you’ll be able to take advantage of great deals.  Shopping at your favorite stores like Kohl’s and Target couldn’t be easier, more convenient and fun.


New you and a new outfit.

This is party season, so hopefully you’ll be able to really give people a chance to wow your new look. Maybe you could use a party dress? What style do you prefer? Maybe the classic black party staple that is so versatile. Maybe you’d like to aspire to something a little more feather boa and flamboyant?

A simple dress can take a lot of accessories. So don’t hold back on the trimmings. You might need a clutch bag or even a shoulder bag and consider the season. Who would want to step outside without a classy coat? From underwear to outerwear, everything you are wearing should reflect the new you.

Check yourself out in those earrings and feel how it feels to be looking stunning

Take yourself into the surroundings

Chances are your feeling a bit more glamorous than you were. Someone like you deserves a stylish kitchen to match. After all, you can’t be out all the time, and maybe it would be nice to show yourself off at home. What could you bring into the kitchen that might make it a beautiful and exciting space. Let your imagination run wild. Let it be assisted with a few lifestyle magazines. Allow yourself to be inspired and swept away.

From cocktails to canapés and from kitchen gadgets to breakfast bars and matching stools. There’s a range of simple things you could treat your kitchen to. Maybe your fridge is looking a little tired.You’d feel pretty good about some gorgeous colorful and all singing and dancing model. Wouldn’t this the perfect chance to update the cooktop?

How about a new coffee maker or kettle? Think contemporary and think colour. The chances are using your discount coupons you’ll be able to score a really good deal. Retailers readily give discounts if you are buying across the store. Look out for percentage deals that will get you big number discounts.

The season is not just about the kitchen. And the real changes you want to make are not just for a few weeks. You are considering real changes here that will last. Move into the living space with your New Year plan and consider how some basic changes could really make a difference.

You could use this as a perfect opportunity to get a new three piece suite. How about a handy and stylish coffee table? Maybe your entertainment system from your TV upwards could use an upgrade. From carpets to curtains and from wall art to rugs and decorations, there are hundreds of ways you can give your living space a real pick me up.

Bring the others in.

It might seem a little selfish to keep all of this reinvention to yourself. It would be okay to let the family and your friends in on it. You could even treat them while you were at it. Begin with clothing. After all your have established that you have the best taste, you might consider how’d you’d upgrade your companion.

It’s a great chance to pass on some items of clothing that you are a little tired of. And how could anyone complain if you are giving them something even better? Use the chance to replace worn out and dull. Guys are terrible shoppers mostly, but they are thrilled to bits with accessories and gadgets.

Think outside the field. There’s a heap of gifts you could give that might not just get people out from under your feet but also get them a whole lot fitter in the process. But don’t be selfish! Part of the new you could be a whole range of coordinated sportswear and running shoes. Imagine yourself embracing a whole new fitness regime.

Reinventing ourselves now and again is a great tonic. It’s a great reminder too that life can be fun, and once you put your mind to it, there’s nothing that can’t be changed for the better. Looking good is feeling good. And feeling good goes a long way.

This was a contributed post

Silicone Candy Molds

If you are looking for some terrific molds to make your candies and other treats show their Christmas best, then you should check out the silicone candy molds, like I was sent to review.

candy molds

These molds aren’t just good for candy.  Bake biscuits in them, Make soap, make jello.  You can make anything that your culinary creative side can think of with these.

I actually just flew back home today after spending 10 days with my sister and her little family.  My intentions was to make a few things and show you actual pictures of what I made.  But I am running a bit behind.

candy molds2

I did try them out though before leaving and they worked so nice!  I actually made Jell-O in them. 

I received a large 6 cavity gingerbread house mold, 2 cavity multi Christmas shapes such as Santa faces Christmas trees, stockings etc.  and 8 cavity chunky set mold with further Christmas themed shapes with great detail. 

The silicone molds are dishwasher, freezer and oven safe. The cake, chocolate or jelly just pops out easily to make perfect Christmas themed treats. Kids will love them. Great for parties or even as handmade gifts for loved ones.


They are available on Amazon.  I LOVE mine!

Disclaimer: I was sent the product discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of them.

Mood Enhancing Mandalas Volume 1 Adult Coloring Book

I get stressed out easy.  If you don’t believe me, ask my husband.  While there is many ways to relieve stress and tension I have found something that helps me keep my mind on it, and away from negative thoughts.

It is just through coloring.  Yes, something I learned to do even before grade school, is what sometimes takes me away from the negative things and people that come into my life.

While just coloring anything is great, there is many options out there.  A stream of adult coloring books is available.  The one that keeps my hands and mind occupied is the Mandala coloring book.  In fact this book is called, Mood enhancing Mandalas by My Masterpiece.

In this book you will find 50 very detailed pictures to color and take you away. 

I find that I like to use gel pens when coloring mine.  There is no special color to color these mandalas either.  Let your imagination be your guide. 

use bunches of different colors or do a theme.  For example I started this one before one the Bengals

games in honor of them:


No matter how you color them, they are worth having in my opinion.  One of these and a pack of gel pens would also make the perfect Christmas gift for someone. 

These are available on Amazon

DISCLAIMER:  I received the product discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my honest opinion with you here.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

Ballroom Dancing Mastery System (7 DVD Set)

The other day I posted something about a 4 cd starter dance instruction set from Dance Crazy.  Today I want to tell you about another set I have.  It is also from Dance Crazy.  This one is called:  Ballroom Dancing Mastery System. 

Amazing SEVEN DVD Holiday Dance Set!



Learn 4 Different Dances from the Start. Super HOT!

All the basics, from your first steps (Great Holiday Gift)

It is  a 7 DVD set for Beginner’s to learn all the major social ballroom dances. Great for beginners learning how to dance. 🙂 You’ll love this seven DVD set, and would make A great gift for the holidays.  Swing, Foxtrot, Waltz, Rumba – Woohoo!

Designed for beginners, no dance experience is required.

This set really goes into depth explaining the essentials.  840 minutes of instruction can make anybody with 2 left feet look graceful.  I love these and the fact that I can stay at home and not have to worry who is looking at me.

I can really dance like nobody is watching!

It is fun for me because I am getting exercise I need and learning something new.

For $47.00 you and your whole family can learn these dances.  Check the prices at your local dance studio and then compare.  While I am still not ready for dancing with the stars.  I believe these could help me on my way..

Disclaimer: The item discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for sharing my opinion of them.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from  yours.


The packaging tape I have been using lately

With the family scattered here and there, I find myself mailing a lot of packages.  When it comes to mailing packages, I like to make sure they are taped up and secure.  Especially during the Holidays.

Do you use a special packaging tape?


I have been using this one brand from Zitriom.  Here is some facts about it:

  • PACKING TAPE with Highest Quality at The Best Price on AMAZON
  • PERFECT TAPE for Moving All-season Adhesive For Excellent Holding Power During Extreme Hot or Cold Temperatures
  • ULTA STICKY TAPE – Made With Highest Quality Materials Available
  • LIFETIME No-Hassle Free Replacement Guarantee

I love it for a couple reasons.  It is easy to use, sticks well and comes in bulk at an affordable price.  I would recommend this to anyone that mails packages out. 

$10.98 FREE shipping

6 Rolls of tape

Tape dispenser


Successful mailing

Disclaimer:  I received a pack of this to test out in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.

Are you looking for some cute boot socks?



The thing I love the most in cooler weather is my boots.  I am normally not happy with one pair, I want several pairs and several styles.  I love the longer boots that goes to my knees and then I like the shorter ones.  This season I am loving my shorter slouch boots, for the simple fact I can accessorize with them.

I love finding new leg warmers and cute socks that work well with my leggings and slouch boots.  Some socks that I have and love, in fact I am wearing them now, is a pair I got to try out.

These socks are the Qutee women’s boot socks.  These socks go up to my knees almost.  at the tope is white lace and 2 cut buttons on each one.


I have found them to be stretchy, yet stay in place and hold their shape.  They are hand wash only and made up of acrylic fiber and spandex 95% and 5%.

I love mine.  While they cost  a bit more then your big box store socks, they are worth it to me.  I think is because of the quality of the sock and the thought that was behind the design.  They are special and can change the look of your whole outfit.


These are available on Amazon for $7.00 a pair and when you buy 2 or more you can save a $1.00.  Just enter the promotion code:  EOXDSEIU at the check out.

Disclaimer: The item discussed in this post was sent in exchange for my unbiased opinion of it.

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