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Shopping Advice to save you time and energy. - %%Shoppingwives%%

Shopping Advice to save you time and energy.

Instead of going shopping on this beautiful weekend,  I thought I would share some shopping rules.  Some of these I practice, some I have been told about.  Do you have any rules you go by?  Let me know!


Create a list.  John always wants to do this.  I like to look around and then I end up buying more then I needed or wanted.  Creating a list does get you in there and out faster and you can save a lot of money. 


Dress comfortable.   Or shall I say dress for the occasion.  Now a grocery store I would suggest something comfy.  Of course in layers so if you get to cold or to warm you can take off or put on.  Shoes & Clothes shopping is different.  If you are going to be trying on outfits, you might want to wear better underwear.  Did that come out right?  You won’t want to wear your granny panties to try on a tight dress right?  If you are shoe shopping I would suggest you wear slip on shoes and the type of socks you would normally wear if you bought those shoes.  The store normally provides footies, but if you are trying on gym shoes you might want thicker socks to try them on with.  Make sense?


Check sizes.  I will never forget buying my mom a pair of shoes and getting them home realizing they were 2 shoes for the same foot!  If you know your size and aren’t trying them on then check to make sure you have a right and left shoe in the box.  I know some people have two left feet, like me haha

Another thing to check is when you buy an outfit to make sure the sizes are the same.  Some people switches and gets larger tops and smaller pants.  If you aren’t careful you may end up with 2 different sizes and not realize it until you get home. 


Return Policy  Does the store have a return policy?  Find out if you need your receipt or how long you have to bring something back.  Some items can’t even be returned if they are close outs so just double check.  Especially when you are buying clothes as a gift for someone.  I keep all my receipts in an envelope because it seems I never buy the right size when buying for someone else.


Shopping when you are hungry or tired.   It is dangerous for me to go shopping when I am hungry.  But on the same note I don’t feel like shopping if I have a full stomach.  When I am too hungry I throw everything that crosses my path in the cart (at the grocery store).  BUT when I get a full meal in my stomach I don’t even feel like going to the store so I get tired and lazy.  End result I don’t go..  Try eating a protein bar or nuts to tide you over until you can get something good.. 




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