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See How Easily You Can Conquer Age Spots!

See How Easily You Can Conquer Age Spots!


The other night a lady told me she had a couple age spots on her face.  She needed something to get rid of them.  While I don’t have any myself (so far) I know a lot of people have them on their face, hands, arms, etc.

Age spots are also called Liver spots.  They are common and just one of the many perks of aging.  While they are normally a sign of aging, younger people can get them due to sun exposure.

So now you have them, what can you do?

There is several creams and bleaching agents you can get that provides the retinol you need for removing these aggravating little flat brown marks. 

See How Easily You Can Conquer Age Spots!


You can also try different home remedies that really inexpensive.

As with anything there is several things you can try.

1.  Aloe Vera. 

I love this stuff.  Not only is it great for burns it is good for digestion and age spots!  The aloe vera hydrates the skin and that is good for these spots.  The best way to do it is if you have a plant.  Just tear a piece off and squeeze the juice directly on the spot.  If you don’t have a plant available you can buy the gel at most stores.  No matter where you get the aloe from, you just apply the sticky substance to the spot.  Rub it in, leave it on about 30 minutes, then wash off.  Do this twice a day for about 6 weeks and you will eventually see the spots lightening up and disappearing even.  One of the products, John sells, is aloe vera.  I think I will be making sure I have some stocked in the house.

2.  Onion juice mixed with Apple cider vinegar

This sounds horrid smelling, But it is supposed to work well.  Just apply with a cotton swab, leave on 30-60 minutes and wash off.  Do this a couple times a day.  I even read one place that you can mix the apple cider vinegar with hot water and drink it down.  It will give you a healthy glow and speed up the process. This would be tough for me to do, but it depends I guess how bad you want rid of those spots.

3.  Lemon Juice

Just dab the lemon juice straight on the spot.  DO NOT go out in the sun while the lemon juice is still wet.  This will attact the sunlight.  The acid in the lemon supposedly helps fade the spots.

4.  Pomegranate juice

Do this much like the lemon juice.  Dab it on and then have a glass to drink.  This juice helps regenerate dead skin cells and reduce age spots.

While there is several different remedies that you can try, things such as – buttermilk, watermelon rinds, castor oil or cucumbers etc.  The 4 above would be the ones I would try out first.


Another thing you could do for age spots, is try covering them up with makeup.  The same lady told me she tried covering hers up with makeup but they still popped through.

Be sure when trying to cover up age spots with makeup you do the following:

1.  Use a moisturizer with sunscreen. 

Like my post the other day about Moisturizer, I believe that is the most important step. 

2.  use a primer.

  This evens out the face and fills in pores.

3.  Concealer. 

Try using a peachy color, this will cancel out the dark color of the age spot.  Very gently dab a small amount over the spot the rub it in easy using a makeup brush.

4.  Put on your foundation.

  Just apply as normal.

5.  Face Powder

  brush a coat of regular face powder over your face as normal.  This sets your foundation.

You can always just wear the age spots proudly.  You have earned them!  They do not make you any less of a person.

One last thing.

Age spots are not dangerous.  Just keep an eye on them and learn the difference between a regular age spot and something that could be more concerning such as moles, or different types of skin cancers.  If you aren’t sure which one yours is, be sure and ask your doctor.  Nobody will think your crazy for asking.  In fact I think your smarter for the asking. 

Do you have age spots?  If so, do you have a home remedy or special cream that you would suggest?  If so, leave a message in the comments below!





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