Save your walls and furniture with 4CLAWS Cardboard Scratching Post

If you have ever been owned by a cat, then you know one this is for sure- They love to scratch.  They don’t care what it is or where it is located.  We have 5 cats (or they have us) and I am glad to say that they are indoor & outdoor cats.  They come in and out the cat door when they please.  While they are out they have a numerous amount of trees and other things to scratch on.

Now my sister on the other hand, she has 2 cats and both are indoor.  They had started working on her paneled wall and needed  a solution.  Right about the same time I had the chance to purchase a 4CLAWS scratching post at a discount.  I thought this may save her wall.  It might also make her cats happy and that is the main thing.

Meet Tux & Edo


This post is made to be mounted to the wall.  It is a premium pressed cardboard and comes with adhesive stainless steel mounting hooks.  This means it is easy to put up.  In fact, my sister told me that my 12 year old niece hung theirs up. 

This scratcher is 26 inches high and 5.7 inches wide with a thickness of 1.6 inches. 


Did Tux and Edo Approve?  As with all cats, these two set their own rules.  They aren’t carbon copy cats.  They like things how they want it.  They didn’t want this on the wall.  In fact they kind of acted like they didn’t see it while it was hanging.  So it was taken down and laid on the floor. Results?  They have been having a blast scratching on this.  I think since  they have this, they are now leaving the wall alone.


If you have a cat/s that are ruining your walls or furniture, this might be the answer for you.  I have seen regular scratching posts that cost $60.00  and up.  This one is half of that and a good solution.  Compare the sizes to the one at some stores and you will see that you get double the size in this one.  It is available on Amazon.

Disclaimer:  This was sent to me for a discounted price in exchange for me sharing my unbiased opinion of it.

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