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Do you want to know what started me on the path of being a healthier me? Or at least the path that showed me the way?  It was when I met Dr. John Vos NMD.  in 2002.  He is now my husband.  I would like to share more about him and invite you to join his YAHOO GROUP.


Before we come to the cause we first have to understand that life on the planet EARTH is only possible as a result of the rotation of the planet EARTH. This rotation at 1070 miles/hour creates LIFE ENERGY due to the friction with it’s surrounding atmosphere and it is this energy that Animals, Plants and Human collect.

In the human body this ENERGY is divided though a system of energy lines (meridians) and supplied to the 12 vital organs in the body in a certain sequence. Some 5000 years ago the Chinese already discovered this LIFE-ENERGY and called it CHI, like in Taichi and Shiatsu, In Japanese “KI”.

The Chinese also discovered the sequence in which this energy is flowing to our 12 vital organ system and created the ORGANCLOCK and their acupuncture is based on this.


But there is more: They also discovered that all matter on earth is composed of only 5 basic elements: Earth, Water, Wood, Fire and Minerals. We all know but not always realize that our daily food is the only source that build new body cells and make the human body grow and stay healthy.

So when we substitute these 5 basic elements for the contents of our daily food we find that: Earth is Sugars, Wood is Protein, Fire is Fat and Minerals is Carbohydrates. Water is no problem, that flows down all by itself, but the 4 solids need to be PROPERLY digested before they can be used as building material for new body cells.

And that is why we have a digestive system, where the food is first treated with saliva in the mouth, then come the stomach-acids for the rough breakdown and finally the PANCREAS.

The Pancreas produces 4 different enzymes: Insulin for the Sugars, Proteases for Proteins, Lipase for Fat and Amylase for Carbohydrates.

These enzymes are prepared and ready for release in the duodenum as soon as the brain signals the we are consumes the elements requiring certain enzymes. And that is exactly where the problems start, for almost everybody has a deficiency in the production of one or more pancreatic enzymes inherited from one of our parents. That is also the reason why certain chronic disease run in the family as they commonly say. The hereditary trend can be detected by only looking at the EYES. A child inherits the body and the way it’s organs function and the tendency to develop the same disease from the ONE PARENT or grandparent with the very same eyes.

Non of this is taught in medical schools of the world renown universities, which is why our so-called learned medical doctors are unable to CURE any disease. All medications produced by the Pharmaceutical companies are only meant to treat and seduce the symptom so the patient feels more comfortable.

This is also the very reason why millions are spend to find the cause of all kinds of chronic diseases with so far NO results.

On the other hand it is quite easy and simple to cure any and all chronic diseases, by simply eliminating the REAL CAUSE of the disease. That way our body will get a fair chance to use it’s self-healing capacity, round up the undigested elements and recycle them or discharge them from the body.

Every chronic disease can be treated from Cancer to Asthma, from Infertility to Arthritis, from Diabetes to Crohn disease and so many more.

Here is how you can treat yourself or your loved ones and it’s FREE.

Just send an email to: doctorvos@gmail.com and ask for the diagnostic questionnaire.

You will get a reply in 48 hours explaining the cause of your problem and a diet advice to cure yourself.

Stay away from Medical doctors who cannot even find the cause and only want your money.

I’ll also be most willing to answer any questions.

To your health: Dr. John M. Vos, NMD

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