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Reacher Grabber

Easy.  I like that word.  We all know that everything in life is not easy.  In fact through life some things is downright Hard.  There is a thing that has been going around on Facebook.  It is called “Truth Is”.  So I have to say here, Truth is- Life in general should be Easy.  It is the smallest things that sometimes turns complex things into nothing. 

For example.  John and I have these over the couch lights.  They’re on a tall pole and there is about 5 different shades on each lamp.  The way they are made, they are directly over the couch, which makes the lighting awesome.  What isn’t awesome is if one of those lights get turned around or I need to reach up to them for something.  The other night we had family over and after they left, I noticed one of the shades had gotten flipped around. 

Normally I would’ve had to called for John to fix it, stood on the couch or tried to stretch and ended up pulling my back to straighten it out.  I had to do NONE of those things this time!  Why?  Because it just so happened that I have been reaching something called a “Reacher Grabber”.  I decided to put it to the test. 

reacher grabber

There is so many things this reacher grabber will come in handy for.  Not just straightening light shades.  But endless things.  Do you have pets or kids?  You do need one of these if you answered yes to this.  My cats always have their toys knocked in the corners, behind things.  Normally I would have to pull furniture out to pull it out.  Not with this item..  I can slip this under pull the trigger handle and it clasps around the object gently. 

reacher grabber1

I would recommend this for anyone.  Well while it is made for the old and the young, I rather not see my 7 year old nephew with it.  He is into swords and all that fun stuff, so he may not use it properly- so let me reword here.  When used in the PROPER way it is good for the young to the old.  It really has came in handy.

What else do I like about it?  I love the fact that it comes from a small family run business and the lady I spoke to was really sweet.  It is always good to find real people out there.  Family is getting harder to find in this fast paced world we live in today. 

Do you need one of these? 


disclaimer:  I received an item to review before posting this review.  I only share my opinions when I write a post.  My opinions may or may not differ from yours. 

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