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Protect yourself and your identity when out

Protect yourself and your identity when out





I remember watching an episode of, “Little House on the Prairie”.  In it the Ingalls family went to the fair.  All through the show this man with a smile on his face in a dapper looking suit was picking pockets.  Coming along behind him was a sweet looking Grandma type lady with a suitcase.  He would pick pockets, give the wallets to her.  Luckily by the end of that episode, granny drops the case and the stolen property falls out.

Yes, I know that was a show that was written from the mind of someone.  But there was a ring of truth to it.  While I am not sure what year that was, I do know Little House was set back in the 1870’s and 1880’s.  This shows that stealing started back before even that time.

The crime rates has went sky high since the 1800’s and the Crime acts are even more advanced.  At the time of Little House they probably had a couple singles in their wallet, and that was if they were well to do people.  They didn’t have credit cards like we do today.  We don’t have to go to a fair with strangers to get scammed or stolen from.   We are getting stolen from in our own home town and sadly sometimes, from the people that may have shaken our hand the day before.

It is even worse if you do travel and spend several hours in an airport or bus station.  Thankfully, as the times have changed, Crimes have increased technology has rolled with it.  They now have so many neat tools that can prevent theft or save a life.

Most of us use credit cards.  You go to the store, you put your stuff on the counter, you had the cashier your credit card and she/he swipes it – Beep.  That’s it.  They have ALL your info in that fast swipe.  They are using something called RFID when they do that.  Now, the same reader a cashier at your favorite store is using, is almost the same reader a pick pocket is using! 

Pickpockets are rolling with the times.  They buy a cheap reader and then go to work.  Mainly at the airports and bus stations.  All they need to do is get near your wallet or wherever you are carrying your cards and they can scan and get all your info.  This makes it so easy to rip you off and even steal your identity.  So sad – but so true.

I was sent a product, RFID Blocking Sleeves and Money Belt,  to help safe guard me on my travels.  This product doesn’t take up much room and it prevents these modern day pickpockets from getting my info.


What I am talking about is a simple 2 zippered pocket, waterproof money belt.  It is spacey and convenient.  While the belt itself doesn’t protect your info.  The passport cover and 5 credit card sleeves can safeguard you.  Before your trip slide all your valuables in these sleeves and then you can feel a bit safer.  I like to stick mine down inside my large purse and carry it that way. 

The cards and passport all fit perfectly in the sleeves and it isn’t a struggle to get them in and out when I am making a purchase. 

All in all this is a nice product to have when you are going to be out.  I bet those people in Walnut Grove would be amazed. 

Disclaimer:  The product discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for sharing my honest and unbiased opinion of it.

What do you think?  Let me know in the comment section below!!!


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