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pink eyelash curler

pink eyelash curler


The other day I wrote a post about makeup basics. 

What I may not talk about as much is the proper makeup tools.  I intend to share with you my thoughts on the extras that can really help make your makeup pop.  It is the little things that we may not even think of. 

For example your eyelashes. 

I have been using  a mascara from Covergirl called the Super Sizer.  It does an absolutely wonderful job, at least I think so! 

But there is an extra step we can take when we have the proper tool.  It is easy and doesn’t take much time at all.

It is by using a simple tool called an Eyelash Curler. 

Don’t be afraid of this.  It is your friend!  

Just apply your makeup as normal.  BEFORE you apply your mascara – you will want to curl your lashes.  I have been using the one by Beauty Lashious. 



It is pink!  I love that fact.  As I have mentioned before, John isn’t in to much pink.  I normally restrict around the house to my dressing room or in my personal items.

One trick I learned a while back is to hold the curler under a blowdryer for just a little bit.  Don’t make it really hot, I don’t want you to be hurt!  This is just what I personally do.  You just have to be cautious if you decide to do it yourself. 

I apply my eyeshadow first and then I curl my lashes.  About 15 seconds on each eye works great. 

I then apply my mascara after I curl. 

The reason you want to wait until afterwards is sometimes the mascara will stick to the curler or cause it to clump.  Curling after applying eyeshadow can even cause eye lashes to crack or damage.  We don’t want to do that, do we?

The Beauty Lashious curler I am using is more then just “pretty”.


It is salon quality. 

Grips Eyelashes Closer To The Root Helping Achieve Dramatically Fuller, Longer-Lasting, Stunning Eyelash Curls. Comfortable Pinch-Free Design. Simply Curl, Bat Your Eyes & Watch Them Stare.

This uniquely-designed eyelash curler enables you to get closer to the eyelash root, ensuring a longer curl that lasts all day.

It features no-pinch pads & ergonomically-shaped plastic handles for better grip and maximum comfort. It also features a small clasp that allows you to lock the pads together to prevent damage or soiling.

– Eyelash curlers capture lashes at the root for thick, fuller & more luxurious longer lasting curls

– For the best, natural, pinch free curls – easy-squeeze, plastic handles- more comfortable than metal

– Precision eyelash tool comes in 5 stunning colors so it matches your outfit, purse or cosmetic bag- yes it comes in more colors then pink!

– Eyelashes curler features easy travel compact design – fits easily into your purse or makeup bag

– Eyelash curler features handle-clip that keep pads from becoming soiled or damaged in your purse


I had never used one of these until after I got married.  Then I just bought a standard one, that really didn’t do much for my eyes.  It has been trial and error for me with my makeup – but I enjoying trying and achieving the look I want.  This curler has given me eyelashes that I am loving!   I had considered fake lashes for a while, but if I can use this and get the same effect, I am willing to spend the extra minute doing it.

Are you interested in learning more about this eyelash curler?  It is available for purchase on their Amazon page.

disclaimer:  While I received this as a review item, it is an item that I use on a regular basis and I only share my 100% honest opinion which may or may not differ from yours. 


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