Organizing one step at a time.

Today I took a break from social media so I could take my turn on Draw Something.  The word I was guessing, I found out was “dresser”.  The clues included a bed with a  couple in it, a night stand and of course the dresser.  There was also a caption written,  where you put your clothes.  I tried putting basket,  I tried putting hamper.  Then I realized it was dresser.  Playing that simple game made me realize how unorganized I have been lately. 

Most people when you ask them where they put their clothes would say in the dresser, chest or hanging in my closet.  This past week I have left my clean clothes folded in the hamper.  I don’t know how many times I have had to hear my husband ask me where his clean underwear is haha. 

I am however tired of this and I will get my life organized.  Not only the laundry, which is where I will start.  But everything, including the food I put in my body.  I think it all goes together.  Small steps.  My first project will be transforming the room in this pic (add a couple more hampers of clothes) into something semi organized!

photo (1)

How is that for airing my laundry in public?  At least it’s clean laundry!  

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