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Organizing DVDs

Organizing DVDs





This is going to be one of those posts that goes down memory lane for me.  I sound like one of those people “when I was young”.  But seriously, when I was young……

I developed a love for movies.  I may have said before I remember watching a black and white television.  Then we moved on to the colored tv without a remote and it picked up 3 or 4 channels.  Then the tube or something went out on it and the whole screen was red.  I watched it anyways.

It was a big deal when the VHS came out.  Like everything else, my cousin managed to get a VHS player.  She recorded regular shows and we would go there and watch them over and over.  As time went on, I was about 13, We managed to be able to rent VHS and movies on special occasions. 

Eventually we owned our own player.  We started collecting those tapes and even recording our own favorite programs and movies that was on television.  In fact those same tapes my sister and I spent hours recording, still sits on the movie shelves that was once my mom’s  and now belongs to my step-dad.  


VHS was great but DVDs soon came out and they took up less space.  I slowly switched sides and went DVD all the way.  I started collecting those, and while they are smaller in size a collection of those requires storage.  We have several shelves filled.  John is the type that if they don’t have a place, then we need to get rid of some.  So I like to find places to make it more organized.

I have some cases that zip up that I store several in.  But the problem with those is that I have to search through them every time I am looking for a movie.

Then there is these see through storage bags from mivi collection.  They are a set of 2 that costs only $14.99.  Each one of these see through bags holds 40 dvds.  My DVDS fit perfectly in there, and then I can stack them up.  When I am looking for a particular movie I don’t have to dig through books and cases.  I can see through the clear PVC vinyl bags. 


I was afraid putting 40 dvds in one bag would cause the bag to break or the handle to rip of.  Surprisingly enough they are built tough and can withstand the weight of dvds.

If you have developed a love for movies like I have and need a new system for storing them.  Then you may want to check these out!


Disclaimer:  I received the items discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my honest unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are my own and may or may not differ from yours.


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