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One step at a time. - %%Shoppingwives%%

One step at a time.

So it is Sunday again.  A new day starting a new week. Not only that but it is only the 2nd day into a new month.  
It is no secret that I have dealt with weight issues my whole life.  So when I decided to start living a more healthy lifestyle at almost 41 there was a lot of negative comments.
Several people can’t let go of the past so they snicker and and say “how long will this last this time”.  What they don’t know is this time my mind has changed.  The past is gone, We have no promise of tomorrow, BUT today is here right now and I am taking it one step at a time… One choice at a time.  With that said there will still always be negative people out there.  Commenting on the food I am eating, the amount of exercise I am putting in.  All that matters is I know what I am doing and am doing the best for myself.  I have to ignore what other people are saying/thinking.  What other people think is really none of my business.  
So with that said I thought I would share a couple healthy things I have discovered this week.  
Extra Sugar Free chewing gum.  It is great to chew to cut down on sugar cravings..  If you like to cook this is an excellent idea to pop in your mouth while cooking and may save you from sampling everything.
I bought some baby spring  mix and have been making salads.  Normally I use Sesame Oil but I wanted a different flavor from time to time.  Yesterday I was actually looking for a dressing made by Walden farms that is 0 cals 0 fat & 0 carbs.  Sadly I couldn’t find it so this week I bought a bottle of hidden valley ranch spritzer.  It is 2 calories a spray and really makes a difference in your salads.
Another awesome thing I have found and LOVE is the Perdue Simply smart lightly breaded chicken filets.  OMG they are so good.  Light breading and juicy white meat.  They have a wonderful flavor and only have 190 calories in them!  A fat gals dream LoL
Quaker BBQ rice snacks.  I had tried the plain rice cakes before and felt as if I was eating cardboard.  These are the small snack size and you can get ranch, cheddar, carmel, BBQ and several other flavors.  These are a wonderful chip alternative or just snack.    I had bought a small bag for a dollar at the dollar store for a dollar just to try and LOVED them.  Serving size is 17 but the good part is you can double that serving size and still have only ate about 260 calories.  Flavors vary I am sure on the calories. 
Those are my top 4 favorite finds for the week.  I know I need a variety or I will surely fail.
I hope everybody reading this has an awesome day.  Lots of laughter.  Good health. Until next time.  Take care.  ~T

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