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Styles come and go and it seems I am always a day late and a dollar short when it comes to style.  Or maybe not.  I tend to go my own way on what I like – so now my style is unique.  If there is a style I like I go with it.  I may be wearing shoes that belong in the 70’s – hair in the 80’s and makeup that was in the 90’s. 

One style that I really like now, that is really popular right now is eyebrows.  I used to have my thinned and waxed monthly because that was the thing to do.  Then I look one day and every body wants full eyebrows.  They suggest you fill them in, the darker the better.  Wow!  I can totally do this!  My eyebrows fit right in.  So I get my pencil and, wait!?!?!?  Where is those full eyebrows? 

Nobody told me as I got older that the eyebrows would thin out.  I could whine about it, but I didn’t.  As I have done for 44 years now, I have just rolled with the punches and found solutions for my problems.  The solution #1 for me was buying a eyeliner pencil with a brush made on the end.  #2 checking out a brow serum from NOV_LUXE. 


While I haven’t used this serum long enough to tell you if it worked for me.  I  can tell you what it is supposed to do and where you can purchase it. 

This serum helps eyebrow growth and reconstruction.  It is made of 100% Premium ingredients and vitamin enriched.  There is no mineral oil or parabens and it is alcohol free.

It is simple to use.  Using the applicator, apply a small amount on your eyebrow area and leave it.. It will absorb.  The suggest usage is twice a day. 


It is supposed to enhance the eyebrows, condition and moisturize as well as strengthen.  The ingredients is doing this.  It is doing this by increasing the flow of blood containing nutrients and active ingredients to the follicles.

This is available on Amazon

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If you are like me and are figuring out how to have fuller brows, then I urge you to check this out.  On Amazon there is several reviews you can read from other real people about their experiences with this particular product.

Disclaimer:  This one was sent to me in exchange for me sharing my unbiased opinion of it with the consumers.

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