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I needed these gloves the day I set the couch on fire

I needed these gloves the day I set the couch on fire

When I first started cooking, we didn’t have a lot of fancy tools.  In fact one thing I did was use a dish towel when removing something from the oven.  That is how I seen my Mom do it, and that was how I done it.  I didn’t realize how dangerous that could be, until I learned the hard way.

My brother was in his bedroom – But everyone else was out of the house.  I might have been 13 or 14 years old at the most.  I decided I wanted fish sticks.  At this time we didn’t even own a microwave, so the oven it was.  I baked my fish sticks and went to take them out with my dish towel.  The towel hit the burner part of the oven and caught on fire.   Now anyone else might have threw the towel in the sink and ran water on it. 


I didn’t.  I was freaking out trying to run out the front door with the flaming towel.  I am so lucky I didn’t get burnt.  I didn’t make it to the door.  I threw it down on the couch.  The couch caught on fire.  I started screaming and got my brother.  He ran out of the room and took a large blanket and put out the fire with that. 

He then told me to go tell my Mom what happened.  She was at my Grandmothers up the street.  Instead of going to see her face to face, I made a detour.  I went to my older Sisters, told her what happened and then called my Mom.  Of course the first thing she wanted to know was if I was alright.  I don’t think I ever got in trouble for that.  But I learned a lesson that day.

To this day I still think of that day, when I am taking something out of the oven.  Now I rarely use a dish towel.  In fact I have jumped on board of the silicone baking items that is available. 

My favorite silicone item is the AYL Silicone Cooking Gloves.  These are a neon green silicone glove, with tiny 3D hearts all over them.  Outside they are silicone, inside they are a nice soft material that feels so great on your hands.

These gloves are great heat resistant gloves for things like BBQ’s,  kitchen and safe handling of pots and pans.  I use mine quite a bit with my Nu Wave Oven.  My husband even uses them.  These have turned out to be a great addition to my kitchen and I would recommend them for anyone that loves to cook or bake!


Here is more about them from the company:

  • ENHANCED HEAT PROTECTION: We’ve carefully designed our dual-layer gloves to maximize your heat protection from open flames and oven temperatures with an outer silicone glove and inner heat-resistant cotton layer.

  • • MULTIPURPOSE VERSATILITY: The most versatile kitchen tool for baking, cooking and grilling, they can be used inside the kitchen for baked goods, by the grill for barbecue chicken, frying a turkey, or even the fireplace!

  • • SUPERIOR NON-SLIP GRIP: Each of our silicone 5-finger gloves comes with textured gripping surfaces to reduce the risk of accidents. Never again worry about slipping plates, hot pans or steamy ovens.

  • • ADVANCED HEAT RESISTANCE: Crafted with enhanced food-grade safe silicone that handles even the hottest temperatures and lined with cotton-soft insulation, you can protect your fingers and hands all the way past your wrists.

They are available on Amazon for under $20.00 and worth every cent in my opinion.

Disclaimer:  The item discussed in this post was sent to me in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion of it.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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