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Nature & Life.

I have been out enjoying life this week and not really much time to left to blog.  I thought I would do a quick update this morning before I left for my morning walk.

This morning John and I was sitting out on the porch drinking our morning coffee.  I noticed the humming birds found their new nectar we put out for them last night.  They are such cute little birds!  This will probably be the last time we put the nectar out for them this year.  While I hate to see them go I know when we put it out again they may stay here instead of catching a ride to warmer places with the geese.  It is okay, they will return next summer.  Who knows though.  It is not quite yet fall and with the temperatures around here in Ky. this week we may still have a while before we worry about that.  Either way I will enjoy watching them while I can.

While I don’t go out with binnoculars and bird watch or animal watch I am grateful to walk through the park or anywhere in nature and see all the beautiful creatures we share the earth with. We have several deer & squirrels here.  I see quite a few while just sitting outside in my own front yard, but wherever I am they always fascinate me.  Yesterday there was a baby one in the park.  He stood looking around,  I am assuming he heard his momma call him and off he took running.  A couple times while walking we have seen the trees moving around and if I hadn’t seen their tails  I would’ve swore it was Edward or a spidermonkey (referring to Twilight for you non Twilight fans).  

I also took my Mom to her heart doctor this week.  So far she is doing Okay since the pacemaker was “installed”.  It was funny when the doctor told her that she wasn’t used to a normal heart rate so she had to get used to that.  We laughed when we came out of there.  I said yes, he was telling you that you was never normal before and it’s strange for  you to feel that way.  We had a good laugh, she agreed.  We love each others abnormalcy so it was all good.  Now if we can continue to get her to take her medicine regular to prevent strokes we will be doing alright.  I found out she had not been taking it due to it making her feel bad. The doctor told her to take it with food and that would solve that.  Let’s hope she listens.  We want to keep her with us as long as possible.  I don’t always show it because of differences between us but I do love her and I hope she knows that.

Well I would like to keep going but it is time for my protein shake so I can get moving.  I hope everyone reading this is having an awesome day!  ~T

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