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My Thoughts on Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving

My Thoughts on Black Friday starting on Thanksgiving


Another year has come and is almost gone.  Now we are into the busy time of year with the passing of Halloween,  Thanksgiving is only a couple days away, and then Christmas (sorry for not being politically correct with the words here) is just around the corner. 

At the end of this week is one of the biggest shopping days of the year.  We all have our game plans,  mine being don’t leave the house.  But I am almost positive that the people going out already have their maps drawn out.  They know what time they are going to what store, what departments they are charging to first and what they are going to get once they are there.  They probably know how much they are going to spend in time and in money.  Yes, I am sure everything is already planned out.

I feel like I must say that I tackled Black Friday one year and I wouldn’t go back and change a thing about that year.  It was the only year my Mom and I woke up while it was still dark and went and stood in the endless line, waiting for Walmart to open.  Yes, Walmart (insert laugh here).  We were attempting to buy Christmas for my sister and niece but every time we went to get something, seemed like we were a second too late.  Women were literally scraping Barbie dolls in their cart and not caring about the next person.  I am grateful for the memories but now feel better sitting at home and waiting for cyber Monday.

I know there is many debates going on now because they are starting to have Black Friday on Thanksgiving.  I have different viewpoints on that.  Holidays have became more commercialized each year.  I think this has slowly been coming for a while, and starting black Friday early is just another step.  I think peoples opinions is based on their lives.  They have reasons why they would go on Thanksgiving and why they wouldn’t.  Several of these people tend to judge people on why they should or shouldn’t go on this date.


I tend to see both sides of the coins. 

Thanksgiving for me used to be get up watch the parade while smelling the cooking and getting hungrier and hungrier.  After we stuffed ourselves and some was taking naps or watching football  the rest of us was talking and sharing memories and eventually we would break out the board games.  Our favorite game in later years was a game played with domino’s called chicken foot but we started calling it turkey foot..  

We would play and by supper time we would pull out left overs and everyone would have another plate.  By dark everyone was ready to get on home.  Some people would even put up their Christmas tree that night. 

Now things have changed in my world.  This year half of the people that I have spent every Thanksgiving with has moved away or passed on.  John will be hosting Thanksgiving for ourselves and 3 other people.  This year we are straying a way from the traditional dinner and going with something more simple-  Chili. 

I am not going Black Friday Shopping for the reasons I have already said.  But I observe all people on the negative side of Shopping early and the people on the positive side.


Why may people Shop on Thanksgiving Day? 

I think of the people that doesn’t have any family at all to even spend Thanksgiving day with.  This will be a great distraction for them to get out and do something.  Their husband is in the service and stationed in another country, the people that live in the US alone while their family is miles and miles away (John & I didn’t celebrate last Thanksgiving for this reason).  How about the people that has lost most of their family due to passing etc.  I see nothing wrong with their reasoning for wanting to just get out.

Another reason for people maybe wanting to get out could be that they are on limited funds and the only way their children is going to get anywhere near the gift they may like is by Mom or Dad hitting a black Friday sale on Thursday night. 

Some people has their Thanksgiving over and the kids tucked in bed before most sales even start. 

Some places are paying workers time and a half or even double wages to work, this will help them buy their own presents.

Why may people choose to stay home on Thanksgiving Day?

Maybe they are more traditional and by the end of the day they just want to stay in and put their feet up.

  Maybe they don’t want to support a lot of this commercialized feel that Business’s is putting on the holidays.

  It could be that they are a newly married couple with just each other and they don’t feel right going out and leaving the other one at home. 

Maybe they rather spend the night looking at the lights on their newly decorated tree and just absorbing the thoughts and memories that had been created that day.

Maybe they were smart and already have their shopping done early and they don’t need to go out.  Maybe they are like me and just don’t want to deal with the with the crowds.

There is a lot of maybes and whys on both sides of the fence.  I think what it comes down to is the individual and what they feel is right for them and their lives.  In my opinion I don’t think anyone should be judged either way for whichever decision they make. 

This Thanksgiving I am very Thankful for still having the right to make my own decisions.

Are you going in or staying out?

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