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My Experience with the new Tide Pods. - %%Shoppingwives%%

My Experience with the new Tide Pods.

Living in a 3 story home is bittersweet.  On one hand with just John, the furbabies and myself we have plenty of space -sweet.  On another hand cleaning time can be a real chore.  We do have a cleaning company that comes in once a week and that helps out tremendously.  But, when it comes to my laundry I rather do that myself.  So today that is what I did.  That is where the bitter part really comes in to play.  Carrying the hampers down 2 floors and then running up and down between the 3 floors can be a good workout.  I am glad to say that I managed to finish the job today so now I can sit here and tell you about my experience. 
 I tried 2 places for my regular laundry detergent.  When John and I first got married I used Tide and Downy to wash in.  Something in that combo broke him out so I switched to Cheer and Snuggles.  Since the stores were out of Cheer I thought I would try out the tide again.  I was excited to use the new Tide Pods they have out. 
According to the directions you are supposed to put one pod to each load of clothes.  I am one that always put extra and one pod just didn’t seem like it would be enough for a whole load.  Especially since most of my loads are super loads.  A big lady has big clothes haha. 
 Another concern I had was that maybe the pod wouldn’t disolve in the water.  I was suprised to see that as soon as the water hit it it started disolving.  I will admit that on some loads I used 2 pods.  Other then those concerns I found it to be so much easier to use then the regular powder.  
My clothes came out clean and had a decent smell. Would I go back to cheer? Yes I believe I would.  Would I buy Tide Pods again or recommend them?  Yes I would.  
The real test will be seeing if John breaks out.  My fingers are crossed that he won’t.
So yes, that was my exciting Saturday.  Tomorrow I will be a free day so I will just play it by ear and see what happens.  Have a goodnight to all my blog readers & thank you for reading!  ~T.
For the record Tide has not paid me nor have they sent me free products to advertise.  This whole post is totally my own opinion.

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