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Must have wine Accessory!

Must have wine Accessory!





I once saw a post on Facebook.  It was one of those fun posts that you may see randomly throughout the day.  This one caused me to stop and take pause.  It was a post about what your wine choice says about you.  For example,

  • Cabernet – the one most people can properly pronounce
  • Chardonnay- You are turning into your mother
  • Chardonnay with an ice cube- You have became your mother
  • Riesling (my favorite)- we all know you spent a semester in Germany ( I haven’t made it to Germany, but have made it as far as the Netherlands)
  • Pinot Grigio- You have an Italian accent you enjoy using
  • Etc.

While this list was for amusement and supposed to be funny, it got me thinking.  Does your wine really say something about you?  And.  If your wine really says something about you- then how about your wine accessories?  The proper wine aerator, decanter even the glass is a must.  But there is one thing that we must have before we even need all of the above.


This must need accessory is the wine opener. 

If you are a wine drinker, then you probably know how frustrating it is to have the cork break off half way while trying to get the cork screw in.  How some openers are just awkward to hold.  How about that little piece of foil that you have to try and rip off before you can start even working on the cork.

To have a great wine experience, you need the best opener.  That is why I love the opener I have from a company called Barvivo.


This by far has been the best wine opener I have owned.  Being a wine drinker, I have owned my fair share of openers.  None can compare to the elegance and sophistication of this opener from Barvivo.

The day it arrived I had a hard time looking at it.  Why?  Because John had to check it out first.  His comments?  “This is a great opener!” 

We immediately put it on our bar.  That night was more excited then normal about opening my favorite Riesling.  I have to admit that there has been times that I had the troubles I was talking about earlier.  Leaving half a cork being the main one.

Not only does this opener look good.  But it works like a charm!

Maybe it was the curved structure or the quality stainless steel.  What ever it was or is, I like it!  Not only is this perfect for wine, but the opener is going to make my husband happy this football season.  It has a bottle opener made in it!

Did I mention that there is also a serrated knife in this as well?  Not only will that come in handy with the foil on the wine- but for several uses.


Women- throw this in your purse when going out for the day.

Men- Put it in your pocket

Yes, this is the perfect size.  Works great.  Quality Made.

I give it 5 stars!


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Disclaimer:  While this product was sent to me to test in exchange for sharing my opinion with you- it is something I would definitely purchase and even give as a gift!

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