A motion light for your toilet? I LOVE IT!

With the risk of sounding like a geek, I must say that I found the most awesome product for one of my toilets. 

It is a motion sensor light.  You put 3 AAA batteries in it.  Stick it on the side of your toilet and choose one of 8 colors.  If you can’t decide, choose carousel mode.  It will flash all 8 colors. 


This motion sensor will light up when you walk towards it at night.  Seriously.  It detects you in the dark and then the light kicks on.

It is Motion Activated, so it turns ON when you enter and OFF when you leave. When you enter the Motion Bowl will automatically activate, lighting your way. Light Sensitive (Only activates in darkness). The toilet bowl nightlight will deactivate the instant it detects light to maximize battery life. Fits ANY Toilet!! Flexible are that will take the shape of any type toilet and will stay in place. Select from 8 LED colors with just the press of a button. (blue, yellow, purple, white, pink, red, orange and green) Carousel mode that will rotate colors automatically every 4 seconds if selected.


John put ours on and it was really simple.  I would love to have 3 more of these for our other restrooms throughout the house.  With these only costing $14.99 on Amazon, I think that it would be doable to get 3 more.

It really does come in handy at night when I am still half asleep stumbling in the dark. 

These would be perfect for anyone that uses a toilet.  :  smile  :

They are fun – Cute- Practical and they work great.


Disclaimer:  I received the item discussed in this post in exchange for sharing my unbiased opinion.  All opinions are 100% my own and may or may not differ from yours.

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