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Max and his new Hamilton Collar - %%Shoppingwives%%

Max and his new Hamilton Collar



 If you are owned by a pet, then you know that with each pet you are going to find a different personality.  When we brought in Max almost a month ago, we found a strong willed hard headed, sweet but naughty dog.  He weighed 62 lbs when we brought him in and I am sure he has gained over the month.  In his mind he isn’t heavy and would sit on our laps, if we let him by with it. 

I will be talking about Max often.  He consumes my life with his antics.  The good, the bad & the funny.  I wouldn’t want it any other way. 

He enjoys sitting under my desk when I am blogging so I thought it only fitting to have him actually start working on some reviews with me.  So that is exactly what we have been doing.

As  I said, each pet has a different personality.  Along with these personalities they also need different collars to go with them.  Max has been trying out a collar from Hamilton Collars


With Max being headstrong and so strong we needed a sturdy collar that could hold him when he was puling us.  He is soon going to start training but right now he is still learning.  He gets distracted so easily when we are outside.  I sometimes think he has ADD.   I came to that conclusion when he about pulled my arm off and yelled “Hey Mom Look! A Squirrel!”  Okay, he didn’t actually say that – but if he could talk he probably would’ve.

Hamilton Collars are Max strong.  They are adjustable so that is a plus being that Max is probably still going to grow a little bit more.  Let us hope he stops growing soon! 

We were sent a blue collar to try and I was glad to see that this was high quality strong Nylon.  The color was vibrant and it hasn’t started to fade as some new collars do after being worn for a while. 

With all the Pulling and tugging that Max does when he is on his leash, there hasn’t been any rips or tears on the collar. 

Hamilton is a brand I would suggest to anyone looking for any of your pet’s needs.  Not only do they carry products for dogs, but they also have items for cats, ferrets,horses as well as prize animal products. 

I have only tried out the collar so far so that is all I can really suggest to someone.  I am going to bookmark their site for all of our future needs!


disclaimer:  I received a product to review before writing this post.  All opinions in this post is my own and may or may not differ from yours.

One Response to Max and his new Hamilton Collar

  • Sara says:

    I can relate to everything you said about max. i amazes me how many people thing that just because they don’t walk upright on two legs, or speak the spoken word, that our dogs, cats, etc. are not fully aware of what is going on. i lost a dog when i was in my teens and i really hesitant to go through that again. it is the only reason i don’t currently have a pet now.
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